Monday, February 09, 2009

Macy Doodle Johnson

Meet our dog, Macy. She is lovingly referred to in our house as Macy Doodle Johnson. I don't really know why other than that's the nickname Jeremy's dad (aka Papa) gave her, and it's just kinda stuck. She's a 6 year old, Irish Setter/Chocolate lab mix. We adopted her shortly before our 1 year wedding anniversary, when she was 3 months old, and she's been a part of our family ever since. She's without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever had, and sometimes drives us nuts, but we love her.

We had a big scare with her this weekend.

Jeremy's sister, Amy, had spent Friday night with us and we were just about to leave the house on Saturday morning to take Jackson to the zoo. We decided to put Macy outside since the weather was beautiful. Jeremy told her to go outside, and as she walked into the kitchen her legs started to slide in opposite directions of each other. Jeremy and I both were watching her and I commented that she looked like something was wrong. She continued walking to Jeremy and by the time she got to him, she slid onto the floor and was in a full-blown seizure. It was really violent looking and luckily Amy grabbed Jackson and took him out of the room so he wouldn't see what was happening. We immediately called the vet and they told us to bring him in, so we left Jackson with Amy and took Macy to the vet.

We were really lucky that she started seizing while we were still at our house. Otherwise, she could have done it all day and we wouldn't have known. She had 3 more seizures on the way to the vet, and one while we were there, so the vet got to see first-hand what she was doing.

Diagnosis: Idiopathic Epilepsy, which basically means they don't know what is causing it. All her blood work came back as normal. She is on phenobarbital for a few more days and we have to begin weaning her down today.

She has been okay since Saturday morning, although the meds make her walk around like a Saturday night drunk. I spoke with the vet a little while ago and we are in a wait-and-see phase of this diagnosis. He said that it could have been a one time thing, but he just doesn't know anything for sure.

I know she's just a dog, but she's a member of our family. If you are a pet lover, then you totally understand. She was our "first baby" and as much as she drives us crazy, we do love that mischievous dog. We just want her happy. We owe her that much...

5 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

Oh no! I really hate to hear this. I will be thinking about yall and I hope for the best with Macy.

Dogs aren't "just" pets at all. They are definitely family companions that grow with us!

The Jones' said...

That is the sweetest picture. We also had a first baby, Murphy, so I know the feeling. I will say a prayer for Macy because I believe He hears those prayers too.

McCrory Family said...

Bless her heart!! I hope it was just a one time thing and that she will be better soon.

The Sapersteins said...

i hope that everything goes ok with her. Poor thing.

Tiffany! said...

When I moved up here I got a puppy and he has seizures. They've never figured out why but about every six months or so he has one. When he stops he acts a little disorientated and then gets right up and acts as if nothing has happened. We just try to hold him while he's having one and we tell him comforting stuff while we pet him.

Once his back legs were doing that and we were waiting on him to seize and he never did so we took him to the vet and apparently he had a kidney infection. ???

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