Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Bee-Attitude" Adjustment

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous and Jackson and I were having a great time playing outside. After awhile we started watching two giant bumblebee's fly around our yard. They would attempt to dive bomb the yard for a second and then they would fly off for awhile, only to return every few minutes or so. Jackson is all about bugs, so I had to give him a fair warning that he should not mess with the bumblebees because they would sting him and it would really hurt.

We kept playing and Jackson decided that he had been nice for long enough and started to act out a little bit. When he wants to, he can have a very sassy mouth, and he was just being very smart-mouthed. I got his attention about the time that one of the bumblebees was flying nearby and said, "Sshhhhhh. Do you hear that?" Jackson got really still and listened to the buzzing of the bee as it got closer to us. I asked Jackson if he heard what the bee said, and when he said no, I quickly told him that the bumblebee was telling him to "BBBBBBBBEEEEEEEE nice to your Mommy."

Jackson was amazed at what the bee told him, and y'all, it worked "bee-utifally" for the rest of the afternoon.

2 random thoughts:

Mom said...

That is such a precious story.

Rachel said...

Smart, creative thinking!! I'm impressed!!!

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