Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The boy knows how to make me laugh...

Jeremy is off work today. Jackson was going to spend a few hours at school while Jeremy got some stuff done and then go pick him up after nap time. An hour or so ago I got a call from his school that he wasn't feeling well. Not to give TMI, apparently he has caught a 24 hour stomach bug. So Jeremy went to pick up some Gatorade and then got Jackson.

About 5 minutes ago our home number popped up on my caller ID at work and imagine my wonderful surprise when the first thing I hear is...

Jackson: "Hey Mama."
Me: "Hey Baby. How are you? Do you feel okay?"
Jackson: "I feel good. Daddy picked me up from school. Mommy didn't pick me up. Just Daddy."
Me: " Are you gonna be good for Daddy today?"
Jackson: "Yes. I have fun with my Daddy."
Me: What are you doing now?"
Jackson: "I'm with my Daddy. I ate some cereal."
Me: "Was it good?"
Jackson: "It was superb!"

It made me LOL. Jackson learned the word "superb" from his Papa, and it cracks me up every time he does it. I'm glad that even though he isn't 100% right now, he still is feeling good enough to have his sense of humor!

2 random thoughts:

Kellyn said...

He truly is the smartest two year old I know! Did you have a little time on the hands today? How many posts did you do today!

Rachel said...

That's a GREAT word! I'll have to teach it to Ali. . . :)

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