Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut Any Longer

*Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox for a minute or so.*

I have kept my mouth shut regarding political drama for long enough. In fact, I don't even think I've mentioned politics since the inauguration. That must be a record for me. Now, I'm ready to go start throwing tea into the Boston harbor. Enough is enough!

Wanna know what has made my blood start boiling? It's three things actually.

First up....I firmly believe that the stimulus package was a $787 billion joke, only it's not funny. It was nothing more than a load of pork. You want to stimulate the economy? How about giving tax-paying citizens a break and lower their taxes. If you lower my taxes, that means that I have a larger paycheck, hence the ability to go out and stimulate the economy by spending my own hard earned money. Quit spending my tax money on people that don't even have a job. Let me clarify that I'm referring to people who have never earned an honest dime in their life, have no intention of ever working to make themselves better, and then expect me to rescue them from their bad choices. We work hard enough without having more burden piled on our shoulders. I know these are extremely hard economic times, but I don't want to pay for people's foolish decisions.

Now we find out that AIG, who has now qualified for $115 billion dollars in federal tax dollars to keep their company afloat, is now giving their executives $165 million in bonuses. 75 employees got $1 million dollar bonuses, and this comes straight on the heels of AIG reporting record losses for the company. Excuse me? These executives run a company into the ground, and you reward their incompetence with $165 million in bonuses? Who's running this party?

Then we find that both President Obama and Senator Dodd had huge financial donations from AIG made to their campaigns this past year. Interesting, dontcha think?

Then there is this which is absolutely infuriating. President Obama, the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, wants to start charging private insurance companies for medical care that soldiers receive from service-related disabilities and injuries. This is outrageous!!! These soldiers have sacrificed their safety for our freedoms, doing what they are told to do, and you expect their private insurance company to pay for injuries received while serving our country. The insurance company doesn't send anyone to war. The President does that. We have a moral and ethical obligation to take care of people who are willing to die for our country. Does President Obama realize that private insurance includes high deductibles, and worse than that, an entire family can be capped at how much treatment they can receive in a year? A soldier could get horribly injured serving our country, and we can't even have the respect for his service that we would take care of whatever his/her injuries might be. I can't believe that our President has such a lack of respect and honor for the soldiers that serve under him. He should be ashamed to call himself their leader.

I have two questions for you: What do you think about our fearless leader and do you have any tea to spare?

*Now I'm officially stepping off my soapbox for the time being. Pardon the interruption as I go along my happy little way.*

3 random thoughts:

The Sapersteins said...

I agree with you 100%. I have been so mad with all this crap that has happened in the last couple months that he has been president. Chris is unemployed once again, and we are having a hard time getting benefits to help our family. Mind you we both started working at 16 and I only quit working the last four years to raise children. Chris has kept a job, until the economy failed and now he has been laid off for good this time. The whole company has gone out. So anyways we can get food stamps, and that's it. No help with rent, car payment, utilites nothing. Yes we get unemployment but that is not nearly enough. Yet there are so many americans who get their rent paid, utilites and everything else who have NEVER worked! It's so unfair. The country has gone downhill, and I can't believe that they are still passing out money to all these people. What about the americans who lost their jobs due to the governments bad choices? When will they help us out? All the new jobs that will supposedly come from the stimulus, will all be taken by illegal immigrants. Thats not right.

Doodlebug Designs said...

Preach it sister!

Uh..anyway, I emailed you about the design, did you receive it?

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...


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