Monday, March 02, 2009

Thanks for the advice!

Jackson has kept me rolling with some of the funny stuff he has come up with lately. I thought y'all would get a kick out of him!

Yesterday Jackson and I were driving (in the snow!) to church when we had the following conversation:
Jackson: "Whatcha doing Mommy?"
Me: "Driving to church."
Jackson: "Okay. It's snowing outside!"
Me: "I know! I'm trying to be careful driving in the snow."
Jackson: "Mommy, you be careful and try not to crash."
Me (laughing): "I'll do my best!"
Then, after supper last night Jackson was playing and tripped and fell nose first on to our kitchen floor. I heard the crying and as I went running Jeremy had already scooped him up and was making sure that his nose wasn't broken. After we got him calmed down we realized that his nose was fine, but that he would probably have a little bruise. As I was giving him his bath later, I tried to look his nose over a little more.
Me: "Jackson, please let me look at your nose for a second. I'm gonna wiggle it for just a second. Does it hurt?"
Jackson: "Ummmm.........No. It's okay. I only broked it a little bit."

I love the stuff he comes up with!

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Heather said...

Children are so cute and innocent!

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