Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Fun

I'm sorry to report this to y'all today, but I'm much too much upset about what happened on the Bachelor last night to give you anything good today. Dirty, rotten Jason Mesnick.....He had me. I had gone all season thinking he was such a classy guy (if you overlook the rampant hot tub scenes with lots of women), and then he goes and pulls the wool over my eyes and breaks Melissa's heart on national television. How dare he? I'm so done with him.

So instead I'm giving you a few surveys to take. They are fun because after last nights "most shocking after the rose ceremony ever" I can't take too much today. I still think my blood pressure is up, and quite frankly I'm surprised that I didn't throw my tv out the front door.

And Melissa, if you ever stumble onto my blog please know that I along with millions of other American woman have your back. Stupid Jason Mesnick....let Molly have him. You can do so.much.better.


This one is harder than it looks!

3 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

Lisa, Lori and I all watched it last night and I think if anything had been handy to throw, it would have been.

I feel like I just found out a candid childhood figure was no longer real.

There are a lot of theories and such about ABC rigging the show. And to top it all off, there are even more rumors about how Molly and Jason have been seeing each other as early as Christmas. So depending on when that was filmed - he basically lied to Melissa and Chris. [If they are true].

I for one will possibly never watch again. I feel duped and very much sad for Melissa.

nottryingforaboy said...

I knew what was coming because I ran into this blog a few days ago. http://realitysteve.com/blog/?p=122 The blog author called it a little while ago. Don't go there though, unless you want to know what (might) happen on tonight's part 2 of the final rose.

Knowing about it beforehand, and watching Melissa's reaction, I do think it could have been staged. I definitely do think that Jason and Molly have seen each other even though they said they hadn't. They were a little too comfortable for a guy who just broke up with his fiance and a girl who was dumped by him on national tv.

Kellyn said...

18 five year olds and 33 colors...we are remarkably close on scores! I had a lot more colors it wouldn't accept though...that was frustrating!

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