Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Jon and Kate,

First of all let me say what a huge fan I am. I have watched and loved the show since it started, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your kids grow up. They are so precious!

Now let’s get down to business. I was rather disturbed last night when I tuned in to watch the premiere of your 5th season. I had already told Jeremy (that’s my husband) that I was going to check out of parental duties at 8:00 CST to watch the show. I’ve heard the rumors about your relationship, and I just wanted to let y’all know how sad it has made me to hear speculation about your marriage. I am giving both of you the benefit of doubt that neither of you cheated on each other, but sadly, after 10 years of marriage that you have just found yourselves in different places.

That brings me to last night. I was hooked from the moment the show started and watched the entire episode from start to finish. Jon, let me just say that although I have felt really sorry for you in the past with how Kate barks at you all the time, you came off as a supreme jerk last night. Now I get that you used to work full-time outside the home, and then you quit your job to have “more flexible hours” which I (correctly) interpreted to mean that you were making enough money off the show that y’all decided that you didn’t need to work anymore. And now Kate has her gig as an author (making even more money off your family and show) and so you got the lucky job of staying home with all 8 kids with, as Kate put it, “help.” But last night, you acted like your family was such a huge imposition and burden on you. I was disgusted with how uninterested and blatantly self-righteous you acted. From watching the show, I know Kate isn’t the easiest person to live with, but you just made me nauseous. I realize it must be very stressful to take care of 8 kids, but Kate has been doing that for 5 YEARS. Get over yourself and realize that they are your kids also, and that you are just as responsible for their care as Kate.

And Kate, could it be more obvious that you have changed dramatically over the course of these 5 seasons. When this show started, you seemed so normal and ordinary, and dare I say, frumpy. Now, you are wearing expensive designer clothing, have your haircut in way too severe haircuts, and tan way entirely too much. You aren’t anything like you were back when you showed us what your stomach looked like after having 8 kids in your tummy tuck episode. That person was real (and much more likeable), and you just seem like you are way too into yourself and appearances now. I don’t even want to harp too much on how rude you can be to people, but you have put yourself on a pedestal, and Kate, I’m afraid you are about to fall off.

Last night the two of you just about made me cry. It’s painfully obvious that you, Jon, are completely over having your life displayed as entertainment, and that you, Kate, love your time in the limelight. Talk about major conflict! Both of you are wanting entirely different things from your life now, and neither of you seem willing to compromise over anything. Your body language was horrible, and the fact that you didn’t even sit on the interview couch together except for a single question just heartbreaking. For the love Jon, Kate was crying last night! That never happens on the show.

So here’s my advice: As much as America loves you and has become obsessed with your family, you need to end your contract with TLC and head off into the sunset together with your 8 kids for some couples therapy. It’s painfully obvious that if the two of you don’t reconnect as a couple, your marriage is headed the same way of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. You remember their reality show? Things didn’t work out so well for them, and I just can’t handle it if your marriage ends like theirs did. I was heartbroken then, and I just don’t want to face that disappointment again. Your family is worth way too much to end over reality television. In the past you both have said that you would only continue the show so long as it is working out okay for your family. It seems like things aren’t working out so well right now and Jon hates the lack of freedom that has come with your fame. So end the show. Take your precious kids, bid farewell to America and the free perks that having a tv show on TLC has offered you, and say adios. I promise you the paparazzi will eventually move on from your doorstep, and America will one day say, “Jon and Kate who?” As much as we will miss you, we will survive without you, and your loyal fans would much rather your marriage survive and thrive than watch it go down in flames on television.

Amy Wade

4 random thoughts:

AmyKnight said...

I too was SOO sad and disappointed last night. They really need to take a break from TV and work on their marriage for the sake of the family. It really disturbed me.

Graham Shenanigans said...

Amen, I am so disappointed that I didn't even watch last night. I agree with everything you said. I don't even watch any more. Sad, sad!! Have you ever seen them pack up all 8 kids for a church event? Maybe if they put God first in their lives, instead of the money they are making from their show, their marriage would be thriving!!

McCrory Family said...

Perfectly put. It was really heartbreaking to watch that episode last night. I hope they can get things together and save their marriage!

Jeni said...

I agree they need to take a break from the show and focus on their family, but I remember in episodes past them saying that they attended a church almost an hour away from their house, and that it was a lot of work to get everybody up and going early enough to make the service, but that they knew it was important. TLC just may not think it will help ratings to show the family getting up and ready for church on a Sunday morning. Let's not be so quick with all our judgements. They certainly have some things to work out, but we likely all do.

I caught the rerun of the season premiere last night and it did sadden me to see the emotional and physical distance between them, but instead of harping on them and telling them and thinking of everything they are doing wrong, I said a prayer for their family last night before I went to bed. I think we should all do that.

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