Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did you hear that joke?

You know, the one about the girl who was recovering from throat surgery and was at the point that everything she ate or drank (including medicine) burned like hydrocholoric acid going down her throat.

Turns out it wasn't funny at all.

I have decided in all honesty, that giving birth is much less painful than having your tonsils removed. Seriously.

Enough about me. I headed home early yesterday afternnoon and then went and got Jackson after I had rested for a few hours. We enjoyed an hour or so out in the sunshine where Jackson had a blast running and playing in the backyard. Around 5 or so, my sister Kellyn called to check on me, and in the midst of our limited conversation, I hear all this commotion behind me. Jackson had thrown his leg on top of the playset he was on (like he always does) and was hollering, "Come help me. Help Me!!! I need an ambulance. Call the fire truck. Call the medics. Get the ladder truck!!! I need HEELLLLLPPPP! I'm stuck!!!"

He's such a little drama king! Kellyn and I were cracking up, and the irony at a little boy calling for help when his mother can hardly talk is pretty hilarious!!

In other news, I wanted to thank Jeremy for still loving me and caring for me despite the fact that under my pain and duress I told him that I wished Jack Bauer would die during the season finale of 24. Jeremy was not amused. Clearly, I'm still not impressed by Jack, but let the record show that Jack Bauer's torture methods have got NOTHING on a tonsillectomy.

I'm just saying....

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AmyKnight said...

I laughed so hard imagining Jackson calling for the fire truck. I wonder where he gets this dramatic streak from?

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