Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Just Gets Better

So yesterday was my 500th blog post, and it came and went without my even noticing it. I think that in honor of my 500th post, I need to do a giveaway for $500. How does that sound? I think it sounds great, but I just need someone to donate $500 for me to giveaway. I'll let you know when I get it, mmkay?

Now I've told you about Jackson's girlfriends (yes, that is plural), Gracie and Colleen, from school. What would you think if I told you that we are now having to pack 2 extra pudding or jello cups everyday in order to feed his little harem? Not only that, but Jackson swiped my entire book of reward stickers to take to "my girlfriends" this morning. He wouldn't let me take out a page, but he had to take the whole book.

Now they're not just stealing my little boy, they're getting my pudding and stickers too!

1 random thoughts:

Graham Shenanigans said...

Oh, girl, let me tell you, it only gets worse. Before you know it, he will be wanting to pay their way into the movies, buy their popcorn and drinks, etc. And mine's only 12. I will keep praying for you and you keep praying for me.

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