Monday, May 11, 2009

Tales from the Lunch Hour

In counting down my final meals until surgery, I decided that I wanted to eat something a little different for lunch today. I was enjoying my sandwich from Subway, which was delicious, when a middle aged woman walked in and ordered her lunch. She had on a super cute knee length skirt and I thought she looked really put together and sharp UNTIL.....Dum, Dum, Dum.....

I spotted these peeking out from underneath her skirt.

Seriously, a grown woman wearing pantaloons. In 2009.

In case you wondered, I didn't quite know the correct name for these things seeing as how I've only seen them on baby dolls. I kept trying to google "pantyloons" which wasn't too far off.

Now I'm wondering how I even knew the word "pantyloons."

Even weirder, the website for the pantaloons describes them as "fashionable" and "sexy" which are definitely not two words I would have thought of to describe a middle aged woman wearing knee length bloomers.

Just so you know...

1 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

Wow. That's CRAZY. Next time you run into her (or anyone else wearing pantaloons) please take a picture. I'm struggling visualizing these with a modern outfit.

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