Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God Can Do All Things

I've told you about Jackson is great at making messes, but not so good about picking them up. Ever since this weekend, when it comes time to clean up he starts begging "You please come help me clean up."

Whenever I tell him that since he made the mess, he needs to clean it up, he responds with, "But I didn't make this big mess."

When asked who made the mess, without missing a beat, he says, "God did."

I'm guessing God has been super busy around our house when Jackson is home...

And Jackson has figured out that if he prolongs nighttime prayer time, he can stay up a few minutes later. Lately his prayers have sounded like this:

Dear Lord. I thank you for my friends. My teachers, Mrs. Taco (Tucker) and Ms. Samantha. For my girlfriends, Gracie and Colleen. And my buddy David. And Lord I thank you for (* insert pause long enough for him to peek under the bed) the carpet and my blankets and Mommy's shoes and for my bikes and the grass (*insert one of us telling him to keep praying) and Lord I thank you for my toys and my trucks and my family and my dog Macy. She's a soft dog. Amen!!!!

Sigh. I love this kid....

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