Friday, June 05, 2009


What do you think it says about one's driving skills when their 2 1/2 son reminds them that, "You need to turn on your blinker Mommy."? Either he pays WAY too much attention to me, or by next week he's going to want to apply for his driver's permit.

And how funny is it that Jackson has mastered using the word, "disgusting" only he's says, "That's deeesgusting. Yucky!"

And remember how much Jackson loved the movie Monster's Inc (aka Silly Monsters)? Since our original copy had gotten scratched beyond repair since Jackson figured out how to operate our DVD player, we went out before our trip to Mississippi last week and bought a new one. Can you believe that we had to pay full price for a movie that is almost 10 years old? Anywho, we have now watched said movie at least 30 times this week.

I'm really questioning why I insisted that we buy him another copy. What was I thinking? I'm such a glutton for punishment!

And finally, we are approaching the start of our VBS week. Our theme is Boomerang Express and Kellyn and I are still super busy getting our room decorated, but I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We were only at the church last night until close to 10:00! So far we have painted an entire mountain range, 2 kangaroos, 2 boab trees, a locomotive and passenger car of a train. All we have to paint now is a caboose, train tracks, a pond, crocodile, frogs, lily pads, clouds, and then paint the entire bottom part of the room with grass. I'm not at all thinking that perhaps our room is kicking our butts!

See this tree?
Kellyn painted it and did an awesome job, although we both thought that painting all the limbs was going to kill her in the process.

And see this mountain range?
It's called Olga's rock, and when we started trying to figure out how big we were going to paint it, I foolishly kept saying, "Let's make it bigger!" because as you know, bigger is always better. Well, we made it big, and let me just say that I should have kept my mouth shut!

And see this train?
It's not exactly like ours, but it's close. Ours is the same train, only a profile shot of it, and we are only using 3 cars because seriously, we have enough left to paint and time is quickly running out.

As usual, we have gone all out, but it's always so worth it in the end. The kids love it, and that makes it all worthwhile, even if I have ruined one of my favorite shirts by spilling paint on myself! I hope you have a great weekend!

2 random thoughts:

Kellyn said...

When she posts pictures from the room, you will quickly see that I gave up on about 2/3's of the limbs/branches of that tree! I'm all about simplifying this year!!

The Jones' said...

wow!!!!!!! Ummm...instead of giving me some ideas how about you and Kellyn just drive on up here and let me put you to work. Since you have so much practice already it should not take you that long. Kay? : )

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