Thursday, June 04, 2009

So Maybe He's Heard it a Few Times....

Yesterday when I arrived at Jackson’s school he was sitting in timeout on the playground. I asked the teacher what he was in for, and she told me that he and another little girl had been throwing dirt at each other. He was filthy!

I’m taking the fact that my pale child was literally brown to mean that he and the other girl had a pretty good dirt war going on!

They cleaned him up and we headed home. When we got home we were in a hurry to get changed and ready to go to church. I had pulled out a new shirt and pair of shorts for Jackson to wear and he was insisting (rather loudly and in that whiney voice that I just can’t handle) that “I don’t want to change my clothes!” Sorry kid, but you are filthy and you are NOT going to church looking like a ragamuffin.

I had taken off his shorts and sent him into the bathroom to go potty. He went, whining the ENTIRE way there. He was standing by the potty doing his business when he looked back at me and said, “I AM NOT BEING A DRAMA KING!”

I'm thinking he’s heard that from me someone a few times.

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