Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've Gone All Crazy

I think we've lost our minds. We went and bought tickets to visit the Georgia Aquarium this weekend, the morning after our VBS ends. We're crazy! Even after this exhausting week, I just couldn't resist taking a short day trip as a family. Jeremy, Jackson and I will probably wake up bright and early and thanks to the DVD player in the car, I plan on Jackson and I taking a nap on the way, and unfortunately for Jeremy, he has to keep driving, that is until he gets tired, then we will switch until we get on the outskirts of Atlanta at which point I will gladly hand over the reins because y'all, I don't drive in Atlanta.

And after buying our tickets, I read in the Georgia Aquarium FAQ's that absolultey no fishing poles are permitted inside Georgia Aquarium.

Jeremy and Jackson will be so disappointed.

Has someone tried this? Only in Georgia (or the entire South Eastern United States for that matter) would you have to include this in the standing rules of an aquarium.

Anyways, here is a new video of Jackson in action, and I can guarantee this video shows him as you've never seen him before. Enjoy!

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