Monday, July 20, 2009

When I Get Bigger

Jackson had us cracking up laughing last night. It all started with Jeremy went to give him his dose of allergy medicine. Jackson grabbed the medicine dropper and told Jeremy that he wanted to do it "ALL BY MYSELF!" Well, Jeremy had to help him anyways, and as soon as he swallowed the medicine, Jackson jumps up onto the couch, points his finger at Jeremy and (as he's shaking his pointer finger at Jeremy) says, "Next time I take that medicine I will be bigger and I will do it ALL BY MYSELF!"

Jeremy and I started laughing so hard. Without missing a beat, Jackson looks at both of us and said, "Seriously, you guys, you need to calm down!" The only thing that would have made it cuter would be if he had used the phrase, "y'all" instead of "you guys." No offense to my Northern readers, but "you guys" is so Yankeeish, and for the life of me, Jackson will not say, "y'all" no matter how much I try to get him to repeat it. I'm working on it though!

And y'all, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was such a good movie. It wasn't exactly like the book, but I have to give them credit that they did a really good job on the movie. I guess it's rather difficult turning a 700 page book into a 2 1/2 hour movie, but I was definitely pleased. I'm dying to go see it again! Have a great Monday!

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Tracey-RealEstateGirl said...

that is so cute! The things kids say!!! He is precious!

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