Wednesday, August 19, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

A Recipe For Bedtime:

Take a stinky, sweaty child and place into the bathtub.

Throw in some bubbles and about 642 bath tub toys.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Argue with said child that after 30 minutes of pruning it is time to get out and deny his request for "just 5 more minutes."

Get child dressed despite having to chase after a naked preschooler!

Add one bowl of Cheddar cheese rice cakes

And "just one" sippy cup of milk.

Throw in reading about 10 Thomas books

And 47 Bible Stories

And set the timer on the microwave to go off in 10 minutes.

After the timer goes off, deny any requests for "just 5 more minutes."

Brush teeth. Spit. Rinse.

Take the child to bed.

Argue with the child about not reading more stories.

Give in and read "just one more book."

Put 19 stuffed animals into the child's bed.

Wait for the child to throw all the animals out of the bed.

Pick up the animals again after the child stops crying because "he neeeeeeds his animals."

Leave the room.

Go back 5 minutes later to sing Jesus Loves Me.

Leave the room.

Send Daddy in as a reinforcement.

Daddy leaves.

Crying ensues.

Mommy enters.

Crying quits.

Mommy leaves.

Crying ensues.

Crying quits.

1 hour after the process begins, the child finally falls asleep!

Because every little boy needs a tiger to guard him at night!

Just a few of the animals!

19 stuffed animals: $127.00
1 Dinosaur blanket: $10.00
1 major headache and 3 ibuprofen: $0.75

Have a child look as sweet as this sleeping: Priceless!

6 random thoughts:

Rachel said...


Kids are the most creative stallers in the WHOLE world!

Nana said...

This past weekend Jackson kept saying "Just one more sip!" ... and then ... "Just one more sip!"

Isn't Jackson darling!!

Nana said...

Oh, I forgot to say --


Mich, Lisa and Lily Anne said...

Okay...I must remember this for the future!!!

KBeau said...

Sounds familiar, although I haven't been through this routine in quite a few years.

Amy said...

and the stalling just gets better the older they get. they are still precious & priceless though.

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