Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chicken and Dentists (But Not Being Chicken At The Dentist!)

Jackson is really getting the hang of the idea that God created the world. We were driving to church last night and the whole way there Jackson would say things like, "God made the grass. God made the trees. God made the dirt." and so on.

As we passed Zaxby's Jackson piped up with, "God made chicken and I like to eat chicken!"

I'm definitely not raising a vegetarian!

And Jackson had his first trip to the dentist this morning and did GREAT!!! The office is really cool because it has a caboose attached to the office that the kids can play in. His office is even called the "Chew Chew Train." Jackson had a blast climbing into the lookout window and watching the traffic go by. This is the same dentist that I went to as a kid and they still have several of the same hygienists. Two of them (and the Dr. Cumbus) recognized me from years ago! I was a little nervous because they don't let parents go back with the kids, but Jackson did fine. He had no cavities and the spacing in his teeth is really good. His baby teeth are perfect, and his permanent teeth look great on the x-rays. Dr. Cumbus did mention a slight under bite, but he said we will keep an eye on it and hopefully it will correct itself.

See the caboose with the lookout window? It made it totally worth it for Jackson! I'm so glad his first trip to the dentist was a great experience and that he did wonderful.

I hope y'all have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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Katherine said...

It's funny that they don't let the kids go back with their parents. Different strokes for different folks, I guess! My kids aren't the "clingy type," and I know they'd go back without me, but I enjoy being there and hearing about their "dental status" first-hand. BUT I DO WISH WE HAD A CABOOSE!

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