Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Jackson,

Happy 3rd Birthday little man! I can't believe how much time has flown by. It's amazing how much you have changed in the last year. At only three years old, you are already such a smart little boy with an amazing vocabulary and such a sweet spirit. It's been a crazy year for us! Just a few months ago I realized that you were carrying on full grown up conversations with us, you have moved into your own big boy bed, you started a new preschool, and you are now finally potty trained! It cracks me up when I'm pestering you about going to the potty and you look at me and say, "Mommy, I will TELL you when I need to go potty!" You are such an independent little man, although I can't imagine where you got that from!

You love reading books with us, have lots of books memorized, play with about a million trucks and cars that are scattered all over the house, and share your big boy bed with no less than 8 stuffed animals each night, your favorite one right now being your puppy, Jack! We also have enjoyed watching Night At the Museum about 20 times a day with you since you discovered the movie on the shelf. I'm waiting for you to rediscover "Silly Monsters" again!

During the last three years I've watched all the ways you've grown and changed, and I thank God daily for letting me be your Mommy! We had prayed for a baby, and when we found out you were on your way, our hearts were overjoyed. You have more than fulfilled my every dream and expectation of being your mother. The other night as I was tucking you into bed I whispered something into your ear that I tell you every day; I said, "I love you to the moon..." You finished with "and back!" Then you got quiet for a second and said, "That's a long way, Momma!"

It sure is kiddo, but I do love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday Jackson!

Someone did NOT want his picture taken this morning!

A cutie even in the midst of a tantrum!

You and your umbrella!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

4 random thoughts: said...

Happy Birthday to my Tiger. Just three years ago, my baby had a beautiful baby boy who is now a big boy. What a wonderful day that was. I remember it so well. Amy was blessed with a wonderful delivery of this precious gift from God. Jackson has brought so much joy and love into our hearts. God has truly blessed our family.

There is absolutely nothing like grandchildren and I thought it couldn't get any better when God blessed me with two beautiful girls -- Amy and Kellyn. Well, it continues to get better by the day. My Big Boy is now three; how can it be. I just want to eat him up. Nana can't wait until Kellyn and Jason's baby arrives. Then we will have two grandchildren. Oh, the joy and excitement! God is awesome!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! Can't wait to see you tonight (and, of course, everyone else). Hugs and kisses from Nana.

The Jones' said...

So very sweet, Amy. 3 is an amazing age....they are such a little person now. He is such a handsome boy even when he does not want his pic made. Oh, and you made me cry....again. But it's okay. ; ) Happy Birthday to the little guy!

Lori Mercer said...

Thanks Amy for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

Rachel said...

SWEET!!! Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!

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