Tuesday, August 25, 2009

He Said What???

Jeremy went to pick Jackson up from school yesterday and had the most interesting conversation with Jackson's teacher, Mrs. Deanna.

Mrs. Deanna: "We were talking about policemen today and Jackson told me about the time that you had to call the police to help get him out of a tree."

Jeremy: "Ummm.....excuse me?"

Mrs. Deanna: "Yeah, he told us that he had climbed into a tree and he got way too high and got stuck, so you had to call the police to come help. The policeman couldn't help so he called the firemen and then the firemen came out to your house. Jackson told me they brought the ladder truck and as they were raising it it was making a 'ssssshhhhhhh' sound. When they got the ladder up, the firemen climbed the ladder and got him out of the tree."

Jeremy: "I hate to tell you this, but that's a bedtime story Jackson's heard."

As Jeremy was telling me this story I was dying laughing. I immediately knew this was a "Reroy" story, but Jeremy told me that Mrs. Deanna was more than a little concerned about the thought of Jackson getting stuck in a tree.

And just think, he's only three years old. Imagine what he's going to come up with when he's a teenager!

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Nana said...

Wait til Ms. Dianne finds out about the shark in the living room.

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