Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost In Translation

Jackson has proven time and time again that he has an amazing vocabulary, and an amazing memory. We were in the car yesterday when Jackson piped up from the backseat with an exchange that eventually got both Jeremy and I laughing at our little man and his persistence.

Jackson: "Dr. Doodle says shut up."
Me: "That's right he did, but that is not a nice word, so he got put in time out. We don't say shut up."
Jackson: "Dr. Doodle got in time out because he said shut up. I'm not supposed to say shut up."
Me: "No, we don't say that word."
Jackson: "Daddy doesn't say shut up."
Me: "No, he doesn't because we don't say that word!"
Jackson: "You don't say shut up."
Me: "Nope, because we don't say that word!"
Jackson: "But I don't say shut up!"
Me: "We don't say that word!"
Jackson: "Dr. Doodle says shut up."

I eventually gave up talking it out with Jackson because after chasing that rabbit for awhile, it was time for me to shut up!

2 random thoughts:

Katherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy that you enjoyed my post about Nathaniel's first day at school. You have an adorable blog!

Mommie Daze said...

LOL! I think I've had that conversation before, only is was SpongeBob instead of Dr. Doodle.

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