Monday, August 24, 2009

Parental Karma

Once upon a time there was a man and woman who loved each other very much. They decided to have a baby and nine months later they welcomed a sweet baby girl named Amy. She was a precious baby (or so I've been told), but as she grew up it became obvious that she liked to eat. More so, as soon as Amy's brown eyes popped open in the morning she was ready to be fed. Not 5 minutes from now, but NOW!

Amy's parents quickly learned to adjust to this need, but the problem never really got any better. In fact Amy's first thoughts when waking up in the morning were of food. When she was going to get some,what she would eat, and then what her next meal was going to be. She would also barely let her mother get into the door after work before she would start badgering her about "what are we going to eat for supper tonight" because "I'm so hungry and I can't wait anymore!"

One might call her very predictable.

One also might call her a pain in the hiney.

Then Amy grew up and had a child of her own. She quickly figured out that, rightfully so, Jackson had to be fed before she could eat. And she also figured out that Jackson liked to eat now, and not 5 minutes from now, but she had no idea where he got that from! She quickly learned to be prepared before Jackson was supposed to be awake to have a bottle ready for when those baby blues popped open, otherwise chaos would ensue.

Then Jackson learned to talk.

Now Amy is facing parental karma of the worst kind when about 10 seconds after Jackson wakes up in the morning he's saying, "Hey Momma....I want some cereal!" and 15 seconds after getting Jackson into the car after school he's asking "what are we going to eat for supper tonight?" and throwing fits as soon as he gets into the house because, "I waaannnnttttt soommmeeee gooooollllllddddffffiiiisssshhhh" and Amy's panicking because "there is absolutely no way short of miracle to get supper done in 15 minutes, and no, you cannot have goldfish this close to supper because it will ruin your appetite and for the love can I just breathe for a minute!"

And Amy's mother is laughing hysterically about the whole thing....

7 random thoughts:

Nana said...

Oh the memories! So sweet! Now give me something to eat! NOW!!

Luv ya Pumpkin!

Samantha said...

Haha. Oh goodness.

Lauren does this too. Immediately when she wakes she MUST have her strawberry milk and cereal bar. And she knows the difference between strawberry milk & regular milk - she cannot be fooled!

My parents always told my sister anytime she acted up/etc... that they hoped she had at least one just like her. And she did.

Parental Karma happens, because my niece is a spitting image of my sister!

Good thing I was the good child. :) haha.

AmyKnight said...

I love reading these stories because I can just picture little man doing these things and it cracks me up!

Tina said...

How sweet...

But what would life be without them .... thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Niiice... oh well - there were worse tragedies that you could have brought down on yourself!

Jeremy Wade said...

I can't think of a better father-son moment in the morning that having a bowl of cereal with your best bud in the whole world.

Blue Creek Home said...

Very cute post. We are empty nesters now, but boy, do I remember those days with both of our daughters.
It's Jackson's turn...fair and square!!!

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