Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Update on Kellyn

*Updated* Kellyn's gallbladder was fine, but she was diagnosed with a kidney infection in addition to her UTI. Her OB changed her antibiotics again (for the third time) after seeing her lab results and she will remain in the hospital until at least Thursday. After she gets out, she will continue to take antibiotics daily for the remainder of the pregnancy to prevent a flare-up of this particular bacteria again. Please continue to keep her and the baby in your prayers!

*Original Post*
Please continue to be in prayer for my sister Kellyn. I told you yesterday that she had been diagnosed with a UTI. After seeing her OB yesterday afternoon, and finding out the results of the culture from the ER, she was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics and fluids. She is still in a lot of pain today and they are checking her gall bladder this morning because her white cell count is still going up, she still can’t keep any food down, and she is having a good bit of tenderness in her tummy.

She has had 2 ultrasounds of the baby since Sunday and thankfully everything still looks great with the baby’s heart rate and growth. Please continue to remember her and the baby and pray for a speedy recovery. Thanks so much, and I'll keep y'all posted!

2 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

We are praying for her and the baby. Please let her know and keep us updated. I know it is scary.

Rachel said...

Oh goodness! I will be praying!!

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