Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ask Amy Anything

Y'all, today is Thursday and I've got nothing for you. I've decided to do another edition of "Ask Amy Anything" and would love for y'all to leave me some questions. It would make my day. Really.

And if you want a chance to have your day made, drop in to my other site at Around the Wade's World. I've got a giveaway going on.

And because I'm feeling very generous (and because I'm all about bribery here) if you leave me a comment or question today, I'll throw in another chance for you to win.

You got nothing to lose. I'm just saying...

4 random thoughts:

Miranda said...

I have tons of fun questions!!
What is one of your favorite comfort foods?

Are you concerned/worried/paranoid about the swine flu?

How is Jackson doing now at his new school?

What is one of your go-to recipes when you don't know what your family is having for dinner?

What one particular activity do you enjoy that you don't necessarily have alot of time for?

The Jones' said...

I also would like to know a good,easy recipe?

Or maybe 2 or 3....or maybe you should start a recipe blog! You know, you could do it in your "free" time! : )

Mom to the 3rd degree said...

My question is how do you handle melt downs with Jackson. (If he has them.) haha. I'm sure he does, most boys do. Also I would like a quick recipe as well.

Kellyn said...

What is the correct order to inform your family of the sex of your unborn child once you find out?

What do you want for your birthday? Or did we cancel birthday presents this year? I can't remember...and we'll be in Mexico, so keep it simple!

Wanna help me make a baby registry in the near future? Where should I register?

Did you comment on my blog last week?

Is this enough questions to qualify me for the extra entry in the giveaway?

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