Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cruise to Cozumel (Day 1)

Since I'm still trying to sort photos out, I thought I would share photos day by day. It makes it easier on myself, and I'm all about making my life easy! Enjoy the pictures!

Getting ready to leave New Orleans!

The New Orleans bridge

Our SpiderMan climbing on the windows of the sports deck

Such a cute little monkey!

Nana, Jackson and Tata

Jackson and I

Jackson watching the water

Jackson Square from the River

The entire family!

Kellyn and I by the putt putt course

Coast Guard Escort down the Mississippi River!

Check out that gun!

Tata and Jackson

Kellyn and Jason

Nana and Tata

The Wade family at dinner.Jason had scratched his eye (therefore had an eye patch) and Jackson decided that he wanted to be a pirate for the night!

Me and Kellyn

My baby-back ribs for dinner. Heaven.On.Earth.

My Mom took this shot. Isn't it lovely!

Finger lickin good!

Jackson sharing some corn on the cob and he decided that "I don't like the corn very much!"

Night time in the middle of the Mississippi River!

That's the end of the pictures from day 1. I'll post my birthday pictures soon!

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