Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frequent Flyer Card

Jeremy got the all clear from his orthopedic doctor on Monday for his broken elbow. Dr. Freeman said everything was looking good and Jeremy was given his walking papers. I was really excited about that.

Until yesterday.

Tuesday afternoon, also known as "the day after Monday" when Jeremy got his walking papers from his orthopedic, I was sitting at my desk minding my business and counting down the hours until I got to go home and enjoy my crock pot baked potatoes and chili when my phone rang.

It was Jeremy's boss, Wade, and we had the following brief conversation:

Wade: "Uh, Amy?"
Me: "Yes."
Wade: "This is Wade. I'm here standing over Jeremy. He's laying in the floor. He fell and we've had to call an ambulance."
Me: "You're kidding, right?"
Wade: "Afraid not."
Me: "What happened?"
Wade: "He twisted his knee going down the stairs and now he can't move."
Me: "Dang it. Not that again!"

We talked for a few more minutes and then I spoke with Jeremy. Apparently he was heading down the stairs to head home for the day when he realized that he forgot something. He turned around to go back up the stairs and his knee decided not to go with him. This is the 3rd dislocated knee he's had, but thankfully it was nothing like the last one.

With that one, he was playing church softball and when he hit the ball and went to run, his knee decided to stay put. By the time I got that phone call and got to the ER, I was shocked to see that his left kneecap was literally behind his leg.

Picture that for a second.

The first dislocation was during a wrestling match with cousin before I even knew Jeremy. It didn't turn out so well for Jeremy, but I would imagine that his cousin Jake learned a very valuable method for winning a wrestling match.

So back to yesterday.

By the time I got Jackson from school and got him settled with my Mom and headed back into town to the ER, Jeremy had already been to x-rays. I brought him some clothes to change into so they wouldn't have to cut his suit pants to shreds and about 5 minutes after I got there the doctor walked in. Diagnosis: his knee had popped back into place by itself but the MCL muscle is sprained. He has to stay off his feet for the next 2 days and then head back to Dr. Freeman for a recheck.

The same doctor that he got released from on Monday.

The whole trip to the ER took less than an hour and a half. I'm guessing part of the speed was because he arrived by ambulance, so thankfully, he didn't have to sit down in the lobby otherwise known as "the land of swine flu."

The ironic part of this whole thing? Jeremy wasn't even scheduled to go to work yesterday. He was filling in for someone who was sick. Now he's on mandatory sick leave.

The "you have got to be kidding me" part of this whole thing? We're going on a cruise to Mexico next week.

Jeremy is doing okay this morning. His knee is really sore, but hopefully it will feel better in a few days.

And now I need to call his orthopedic doctor and see if they offer frequent flyer discount cards. Something like "buy one visit, get the second visit free."

3 random thoughts:

Dr. Knight said...


That is a tough break. Jeremy is going through a rough stretch with these injuries. He would probably make a good case study. I did a blog last week about MCL sprains if you want to check it out. Let me know if you have any questions.


Lianne said...

Ugh! How awful for you both! I hope he recovers soon. If not, I am available for the cruise. ;)

I want to hear more about these crock-pot baked potatoes.

Rachel said...

Nice. Isn't Irony a horrible bite you in the butt type friend? I'm so sorry! I hope he feels MUCH better by next week!!!

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