Monday, September 21, 2009

My Boys are Back In Town!

Jeremy and Jackson got home around 5:00 yesterday from their trip to Mississippi. They had such a good time with Jeremy's family and I know that his family had a great time loving on Jackson! I missed them so much while they were gone, but unfortunately I had to go to a business meeting at church about 30 minutes after they got home, so we were like cars passing in the night. Luckily church only lasted an hour and I was home before bath time so I got to hear all about the trip from Jackson while I was giving him his bath.

Highlights from Jackson during bath time included hearing all about the Southern Miss football game which he loved with the exception of the cannon they shoot every time they score. Jackson said, "it was too loud and it scared me and it hurt my ears and I didn't like that cannon." He also liked watching the jets do their flyover, but he also deemed it "too loud and it hurt my ears." Other than that he LOVED the game, and he also told me he ate some skittles, but for some reason he calls them noodles. He "loved the noodles."

But what really held his attention last night was when he was telling me all about going to eat at a Mexican restauarant after the game.

Jackson: "We ate a Mexican after the game."
Me: "You mean you ate Mexican food."
Jackson: "No, we ate a Mexican. It was good. Mama, do you like to eat a Mexican?"
Me: "No, sweetie, I don't like to eat a Mexican, but I do like to eat Mexican food."
Jackson: "You don't like a Mexican?"
Me: "I like Mexicans just fine, but I don't eat Mexicans, and neither do you. We like to eat Mexican food."
Jackson: "We're going to a Mexican this week."
Me: "No, sweetie. We're going to Mexico this week."
Jackson: "Are we going to eat a Mexican this week."
Me: " NO."

Even with all the food choices on a cruise ship, I highly doubt that I'll see a Mexican on the Carnival menu. In fact, I'm willing to bet on it!

2 random thoughts:

Nana said...

That is so funny. Can't wait to see Jackson on Wednesday. Hopefully, he will tell me his stories. Maybe I can get some of those noodles, too.

Kellyn said...

That reminds me of the scene from Finding Neverland when the kids ask if they can have Johnie Depp's character for dinner. The grandmother informs them they are not cannibals, but they can have him over for dinner. Makes my laugh every time!

I hope Jackson doesn't go to Mexico and ask if he can eat a Mexican!!

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