Friday, September 18, 2009

On My Own

The hubbie and kiddo are headed off to spend some quality time with his family in Hattiesburg, MS this weekend. I'm not making the trip this time because I'm thisclose to running out of vacation leave for the year, because I wasn't exactly prepared for taking half the month of September off for vacation, and let's face it, during cold and flu season you never know when you might need to have your 4 hours of vacation leave left for the year handy.

So I'm staying behind with Macy.

I know they are going to have a blast. Amy and Adam are also coming into town and I know Jackson will get plenty spoiled this weekend! They are planning on taking Jackson to the Southern Miss football game tomorrow and I can't wait to hear how that goes! I hope Jackson does well at the game, but I have the feeling that a lot of people will be taking turns walking around the stadium with him. Who knows...he could surprise me. Either way, I know he'll have a good time!

So Jeremy and Jackson are on the road now. Pray for safety and traveling mercies for them, especially considering that Jeremy is solo traveling with a preschooler and a bum knee.

And Jackson wanted me to tell Papa and Gigi that he's really excited about riding the lawn mower and the golf cart. So get ready. It's gonna be fun!

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AmyKnight said...

Mimi and Adam are so excited about teaching him, "Southern Miss... TO THE TOP!!!" We are going to miss you but we will send a hug back with Jackson. Enjoy the quiet!

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