Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When Ketchup Poots and Other Randomness from Vacation

We're baaacccckkkk! We had such a wonderful time at the beach. We went down to Fort Morgan, Alabama, right outside Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and stayed from Monday until Thursday. The weather was amazing! It was high 80's, clear sky's, and the water was so smooth that it looked like glass! We didn't see any real waves until we were packing up to head home.

You know that when Jackson is concerned we always have adventures! This trip was no exception. It was only Jackson's second time at the beach and much like last year he was not a big fan of the ocean. He much preferred the sand! The only difference this year was that we saw tons of dolphins swimming not too far off the shore. They were really fun to watch, but when it came time to get into the ocean Jackson was a little freaked out by them. He kept saying, "I don't want those dolphins to come get me." In hindsight, we might not should have watched Finding Nemo the entire way to the beach. I think he was confusing the dolphins for sharks.

Duly noted for next year.

We got in to the ocean and imagine my shock when I look down and spot three sting rays right next to my legs. They weren't very big, but ever since Steve Irwin died, I'm not a big fan of the sting rays swimming beside me. We went ahead and let Jackson play in the sand and after a few minutes I ventured back out by myself.

Imagine my surprise when I got about knee deep and looked down and I was literally surrounded by sting rays. I was high tailing it to the shore then! I was talking with a mom later that evening about the rays and she said that just down the beach from us a dad and his son were swimming and the dad looked down and swimming right beside them was a 4 foot shark!

You would have seen me walking on water!

We went back out to the beach at dusk for pictures (that we never really got) and to let Jackson fly his kite. That was fun!

On Tuesday we had fun at the pool and in the sand in the morning and went out for lunch at Gulf Island Grill. It was delicious, and the only weird thing that happened was that we were literally the only people in the restaurant. That does make you curious about why no-one else was there. It might have something to do with the fact that it was off season and the restaurant was right next door to a Hooters. Hooters was plenty crowded. *(tongue in cheek) I can't imagine why.

We played in the pool more on Tuesday afternoon and then called it a day except for crab hunting when it got dark.

Wednesday morning we got up and headed into Gulf Shores for breakfast. We went to a pancake house that is inside the lobby of a hotel in Gulf Shores. The tables overlooked the beach and the pools outside, but basically the whole view was of the pool area. I was enjoying the view when I watched a mom come down and help her son get into the kiddie pool. She took off her cover up and turned around and I was more than surprised to see that she was about 8 months pregnant and wearing the skimpiest bikini. I'm not a prude, but I can't imagine wearing a bikini being that pregnant, but more so, could I NEVER imagine getting into a swimsuit knowing that people inside a restaurant were watching me swim. In a swimsuit. While enjoying breakfast. I.Think.Not.

And may I ask why it is that food costs so much more at the beach? I paid $12.99 for a ham and cheese omelet. That is insane, but I really wanted an omelet so I overlooked the price. Sort of. At least it was a really good omelet. Anyways, our breakfast was brought to our table and we were getting ready to eat. I got Jackson's food ready and he asked for some ketchup to be put by his eggs. I'm so glad he inherited that from me. Anyways, you know how sometimes when you squirt ketchup out it makes a pooting sound? We'll, of course it happened then. Without missing a beat (and loud enough for everyone around us to hear) Jackson pipes up with, "What does that ketchup need to say?"

I thought the guy next to me was going to choke on his overpriced omelet! I was cracking up laughing and of course then Jackson took the opportunity to announce, "Mommy, the ketchup pooted!" He's such a stinker!

After breakfast we drove out to Fort Morgan to see the civil war site. It was really fun to see, but it was hot! After about 45 minutes, we had had enough and were ready to get back to the beach and pool. We swam for a little bit and then it was naptime (thankfully!). I snuck out during naptime and enjoyed the beach again. We went out for dinner after we realized that no matter how hard we tried we were not going to be able to get a pizza delivered! We pretty much crashed that night. We were exhausted!

Thursday morning we got up and drove home. It was the only day of our trip that we actually saw waves in the ocean. We cleaned, packed, and swam one more time. We had to be out by 10:00, and we were on the road by 9:45. Imagine our delight when about 10 miles down the road we realized that we had forgotten to actually turn the dishwasher on (per our contract agreement) so we had to head back to the condo or face losing some of our security deposit. We felt like such doofs pulling back up to the security guard and having to say that we forgot something! Oh well! We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. Enjoy the pics!

Could they look more alike? I think not!

Jackson and I on a sandbar

I love this kiddo!

Enjoying the water

Such a cutie!

Check out that belly!

Chasing Jackson down for pictures

He was in constant motion!

We had to trick him for these shots

...and practically hold him down!

Jackson flying a kite

Jeremy and Jackson

Gorgeous sunset!

Let's go fly a kite!

Jackson decided he wanted to be a snake!

Jackson at Fort Morgan

Jeremy and Jackson in a tunnel.

Another tunnel we found. It was pitch black and we went inside to walk a little bit. We had to take pictures with the flash to see what was ahead!

One of the turns.

Another turn. We turned around after this. It was way too dark and scary!

Jackson and I

I'm a little freaked out by heights and I could not, would not, climb down those stairs. They were wayyy too steep. I took the sissy route back down!

Going underwater

Riding the horsie in the pool!

Don't fall off!


Our little fish!

He loved this game!

The best picture we got of him! 10 seconds later he was gone!!!

Having fun!

Mommy and Jackson back in the water.

Going for a walk.

Jackson walked to the beach with me on Thursday morning. It was really early so he still had his pajames on. Our trip lasted all of 5 minutes until he said, "I'm tired Mommy. I want to go back on the elevator!"

Cold water so early in the morning!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great day!

2 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Glad you had a good time--welcome back!

Rachel said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like y'all had a great time! I can't believe y'all saw so many sting rays down there - I've never seen them! Wow.

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