Wednesday, October 14, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Last night we went with my family to the State Fair. Jackson had a blast! It was Jackson's first time to ride the rides by himself. We were sure that we were going to have a meltdown as soon as he was strapped in and the ride started moving, but he LOVED everything. In fact, he cried the entire way home because he wanted to ride more rides! Enjoy the pictures!

Checking out the farm animals

Jackson loved the chickens

and he couldn't understand why he couldn't ride the tractor!

Mom's picture of Jackson won Third Place!

Another picture of Mom's

My Sunflower picture. It didn't win, but I still love it!

Jackson LOVED feeding the goats at the petting zoo...

and the goats LOVED him!

Such a little man!

We rode the carousel...

which is always fun!

And Jackson rode the Nemo ride All By Himself!

He had so much fun!

He went off-roading in a jeep....

and drove like a champ!

Check out that "10 and 2" driving style!

And Jackson and Tata went into the fun house...

and caused a hilarious avalanche of kids as they were coming out!

Jackson's favorite ride was the motorcycles!

He's almost ready for a Harley!

Nana and Jackson

Kellyn and I capped off the evening with roasted corn. Yum!!!

And the whole evening was a success despite a couple of clowns who run Wade's World!

5 random thoughts:

AmyKnight said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures they make me so happy to see him smiling from ear to ear. He is such a big boy! He looks like a little man! Miss you guys!

Nana said...

Watching Jackson at the Ala. Nat. Fair was a BLAST!!! Can't wait 'til next year -- more rides, more food, more fun. And next adventure, the Pumpkin Patch -- this weekend. Can't wait!!


looks like you all had a blast!!! He is getting so big!!

Rachel said...

What fun! We should have gone... is it still open?

Those pictures are awesome!!

Kay said...

Fun fun fun! I love it! : )

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