Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

On Saturday Jeremy, Jackson, Mom, Dad and I headed up to the Pumpkin Patch. We've loved making this a yearly tradition, and Jackson just has a blast going there. I can guarantee that he will talk about it for weeks, if not months! Enjoy the pics!

Our little punkin!

He loved the wagon!

Such a cutie!

Riding the Twactor Twain with Mama!

The pony ride was so much fun!

Such a big boy!

The Wade's

I love this picture of him waiting for the hayride to the pumpkin patch!

Jeremy, Jackson and I on the hayride!

Us with Nana

It was cold!

I like this pumpkin, Mama!

But these look good too!

I can do it

I'm guessing he needed a little help here!

I think he pooted on me! Such a stinker. Literally!

Our little family!

I carried a pumpkin!

Jackson was too busy watching the helicopter flying over to be bothered with such nonsense like taking a picture!

Jackson and Nana in the petting zoo

Nana, Tata, and Jackson

What a fun day!

5 random thoughts:

Brandi said... Jeremy wearing an Auburn windbreaker? What happened to Tennessee???

Lianne said...

Is this the one in Hayden? We go there every year. I think we will go this weekend. I hope it's not too muddy!

Cute pics!

Nana said...

We have the BEST time going to the pumpkin patch. Despite Jackson not wanting his picture made, we actually had a lot of great pictures and memories. I'm looking forward to getting all of the pictures into Jackson's album. A great time was had by all, especially me running after Jackson. This is a wonderful annual event for our family. God has truly blessed us with an amazing family.

Kay said...

What a wonderful day! These are the sorts of simple days that he will remember the rest of his life. Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Michiko said...

How do you do?

Hello and Happy Halloween.

We can't get such a big pumpin

in Japan.

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