Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At Least He's Got The Right Idea....

Mom and Dad watched Jackson for me on Saturday so that I could take a group of girls from our church to Birmingham, AL to go meet a missionary we have been collecting school supplies for. We had a great time, but as usual, my parents had a funny Jackson story to share with me when I got home.

Mom and Dad have a baby gate put up between their den and their kitchen to keep their dog Shadow contained. Mom had run out for a little bit, so my Dad was watching Jackson. Dad went over to thet gate and pretended like his foot was stuck and wouldn't come over the gate. Jackson, of course, was doing everything he could to help his Tata get off the gate and my Dad, of course, was doing a great job of pretending that he needed help.

Dad said after a minute or so Jackson just tore off running through the kitchen and Dad hollered to Jackson, "Where are you going, Jackson?"

Jackson hollered back, "I'll be back in a minute! I'm going to call 911!"

My Dad was dying laughing, but luckily caught Jackson before he was able to make his phone call.

But at least he know's what to do....

2 random thoughts:

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

LOL! Zachie just learned about 911 when we went to the police department for school--we do a lot of talking about what's an ACTUAL emergency!

The Jones' said...

Like I always say, that is one smart kiddo!

Your comment on my last post got me to thinking that maybe you should do a similar post (if you wanted) just simply because you have much larger "following". : ) Or you could just post my post and we might get more feedback. I just do not know if I will on my blog and I am really curious what other women do? What do you think?

And if you and Miranda ever need a guest recipe let me know. Although I am not a great cook I have a few I could share.

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