Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can Someone Please Make The Imaginary Friend Behave?

Remember Jackson’s imaginary friend Allison? He’s still wrecking havoc around our house. The other day Jeremy came into the kitchen as I was making supper and said, “You have GOT to go see what is going on in Jackson’s room.” I walked into his room, where I promise he had only been unsupervised for less than 5 minutes, to see that the cords from Jackson’s 2 sets of plantation shutters were wound into a knot that was almost an inch and a half thick and the blinds were completely open. We’re talking 4 cords with wooden do-dads on the end in a knot that was half as big as my palm.

We have no idea how it happened so badly and so quickly.

Jackson swears that Allison did it.

We’re not buying it…

I abandoned dinner making, much to everyone’s chagrin, and started working on the knot. In order to reach the knot since it was so high up on the blinds I had to climb on top of Jackson’s toy box and keep my hands about neck level the whole time. Talk about numbness! In all fairness, Jeremy completely offered to take over undoing-the-knot duties, but by this point it was almost therapeutic trying to unravel the knot. I was so over making dinner by that point.

It took me ten minutes to just get the blinds to go down.

After pulling on the cords relentlessly for awhile I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I would loosen one strand only to tighten the other three. Keep in mind I was also dealing with 4 of those wooden pieces on the end of the blinds, so I really had no give with the strings. I finally got a brilliant (if I say so myself) idea to take off the wooden do-dads and just work on pulling out the strings with tweezers. Luckily I stopped taking the wooden do-dads off after removing only one because as soon as I took it off, I realized that I had no idea how to put them back on.

So 30 minutes after working with 3 wooden do-dads, one pair of tweezers and one string I finally started making progress and the knot started unraveling. After 45 minutes it was completely done.

Jackson was watching intently the whole time and kept saying, “Allison needs to get in trouble. He messed up my blinds.”


I have now informed both Jackson and Allison that if either of them ever so much as touch the blinds again, I’m going to get both of their hiney’s.

Seriously, as a working mother I have enough on my hands taking care of a three year old without having to worry about disciplining imaginary friends as well. It’s hard enough making my kid listen to me, let alone a kid I can’t even see!

2 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

Wow - that's amazing. Wow. Allison needs to be shipped off to military school post-haste!

Nana said...

Uh-huh -- Jackson thinks Allison should get in trouble. You are so right, and Jackson will be sharing the timeout corner with Allison next time. If Allison knows what is good for him, he had better clean up his act.

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