Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cozumel Mexico (Cruise Day 3)

I cannot believe that I didn't take more pictures in Cozumel. I guess I was too busy trying to make sure my passport and cash didn't get stolen when I wasn't paying attention! Wouldn't that have been terrible. Anyways, Cozumel was amazing! We watched from the deck as we pulled into port and saw a huge sea turtle swimming by the ship, but it was too far away to get his picture though. It was amazing to watch though!

We got off the ship around 8:00 in the morning, found a taxi van, and headed off to Playa Mia Beach in Cozumel. Jeremy and I had gone there before on our last cruise and I knew it would be a good place for the entire family to go.

We decided not to book our excursion through the ship and did some research on our own. We were expecting to pay $52 per person (all inclusive) plus transportation to get there and back. Instead, we found a taxi driver who took us to the beach, stayed there while we played, and bought our tickets for us (including food) for only $35 per person, including transportation. The ship was charging $70 for the same thing! It was so much fun and we had a blast!

While we were there we swam about 100 yards out to the ocean trampoline (with Jackson on my back) and I thought I was going to die trying to climb onto it. It turns out that I have absolutely no upper body strength! I have never laughed that hard at myself trying to get onto that thing, and I thought I would collapse from exhaustion when I finally drug my fat tail on top of that thing. It was ever so lovely to be on the trampoline with 6 sorority girls in skimpy bikinis! Just kidding. They were from Arkansas and were very nice!

After I caught my breath I decided to swim even further out with my Dad, Jason and Jeremy and try out the floating iceberg. If you thought the trampoline was funny, you would have died seeing this! My Dad scaled right up the side and slide into the water and I thought, "If my Dad can do it, then I've got this." Puh-lease. I was pathetic getting onto that thing. I finally got up and after sitting up there for a minute I slipped just a tad and slid right into the ocean, laughing the entire time! My falling into the ocean moved the iceberg just enough so that Jeremy then fell into the ocean. It was so funny!

After I got done humiliating myself we swam back to the trampoline where I realized the sad truth about my lack of athletic abilities: I quickly realized that if someone had put 1 million dollars up there and told me that it would be mine if I climbed back onto the trampoline, I'm sad to say that I would have had to tell them that they could just keep their money. I was done!

I decided to go snorkel with Mom for awhile and then ended up doing that for over an hour. I saw tons of really pretty fish. When Dad came out to snorkel I found a huge conch shell about 12 feet down that I dove to go get. When I pulled it up I realized how heavy it was and that there was no way I could sneak it back onto the ship like I did last time I was in Mexico, so we threw it back down.

After eating lunch (who knew "real" Mexican food is not that good! They should have had a Taco Bell!) and watching Jackson swim in the shallow part of the pool, we decided it was time to call it a day. We rode back to the port and then I let Jeremy take Jackson back onto the ship and Mom and I spent several hours shopping. I got some cool t-shirts and a really pretty necklace for my birthday. It was so much fun! Mom and I finally made it back onto the ship with about an hour to spare. I loved Cozumel!

Our little pirate! Arrgghhh!!

The one picture of Jackson playing in Cozumel (aka the only picture of anyone at the beach!)

The ship at port

The water was literally the bluest I have ever seen. It was gorgeous!

More random pictures to come later! Have a great day!

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