Monday, October 26, 2009

My First Crock Pot Flop (Which Worked to My Advantage)

I got all adventurous Friday and decided to try out a "make it all up as you go" crock pot recipe. Here's what I did: Open a package of chicken breasts and dump them into the crock pot. I then added a mixture of bbq sauce, Moore's sauce, Italian dressing, and Dale's sauce. I guess I was thinking that since the chicken would cook all day that it would need to stay moist. Guess what? It didn't work. The chicken was terrible! I opened the door to the house to smell something funny. It wasn't a burnt smell, just odd. When I tried the chicken I think I was a little surprised at how bad it was, but I was going to pass it off as edible and hope Jeremy didn't notice.

He did.

He took one bite and quickly pronounced it awful. There might have even been some gagging sounds involved.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. Ahem.

So I quickly enacted my family rule that if a recipe doesn't work out we are either ordering a pizza or going out for dinner. We decided to head to I-Hop for breakfast at dinner, but at the last minute changed our mind and went to the new Japanese hibachi place in town.

Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I love hibachi restaurants. I love them. I really do. Hands down it is my favorite thing to eat in the world. Too bad it costs and arm and a leg to eat at one.

Anyways, we decided to try out the Japanese place with Jackson. I know, it was a risky move with a three year old. I've seen many a kid freak out in the restaurants when they start up with the fire. I was praying we wouldn't encounter that. We talked on the way over with Jackson about how the cook would make our food at the table and that he would see some fire, but we stressed that it would not hurt him at all.

So we got in and got seated immediately. We ordered and they brought out our soup and salad. I think that's one of the things I love so much about these restaurants; you get

So Jackson was not a fan of the salad at all, and personally, I think he's crazy because that Ginger dressing is heaven on earth. But he LOVED the soup. While he was eating the soup, my ever-so-safety-conscience son was pointing out all the fire extinguishers in the room because, "I'm not gonna let the fire get to me."

And then the show started. Jackson was a little scared at first of the sounds, but quickly got into enjoying himself. Then the man lit something on fire, and guess what, Jackson didn't freak. He got a little scared, but all in all, it was not big deal.

Jackson loved the rice, he ate most of my steak, he was not a fan of the veggies (surprise, surprise), and he ate with kiddie chopsticks. I so wish that I had my camera with me. He told us that he loved the food. So now I know we'll be back. If only I could get him to like that Ginger dressing and we'd be all set.

And just for the pictures of Jackson!

Jackson wanted to shave with Daddy!

Apparently he really enjoyed himself! (And not to worry, the safety cap is on!)

Have a great Monday!

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

We love hibachi too! And yes, it makes me so sad that it costs so much! sigh.

I hate it that you had a bad crock pot experience though. I love my crock pot and usually the only thing I do wrong is let it cook too long. I think my crock runs hot so I have to think about that when I start things.

Maybe JUST bbq sauce next time! LOL

Kellyn said...

I've made crockpot BBQ chicken before and it was pretty good if I remember correctly. I just put the frozen breasts in and covered with honey BBQ sauce and extra honey (cause I like it sweet!),and let cook about 3-4 hours. We liked it and it was super simple. Served with mashed potatoes and corn and we were set!!

The pictures are too cute as usual...but what's with the "E" on the wall behind Jackson?

Rachel said...

I had a recipe fail a couple of weeks ago too - I feel your pain.

So...does Daddy shave his chest? Or just Jackson? :)

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