Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update from Jacksonville

So thanks to Jeremy's hard work and steadfast determination, Jackson can now say, "supercalifragilistic" and "expialidocious" but only as two separate words. It's quite funny, especially when he's insiting that "you say it like this!"

Jackson is going to be Spiderman for Halloween. He has a "Fall Festival" party tomorrow at his school that he gets to wear his costume to, and then tomorrow night we will be heading to the downtown area to go to FBC and do their fall festival. Then on Saturday night, we will be heading to the fall festival at the church where Jackson goes to school, and then, maybe, if we are not in "melt-down" mode, we may go through our neighborhood.

And speaking of Halloween, Last year my sister and I went to a Halloween party as Britney and and the very pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears. I was Britney and Kellyn was Jamie Lynn. A year later my sister is pregnant. Does this mean that a year after pretending to be Britney Spears that I've turned into a crazy person? Miranda, keep quiet!

So in thinking about Halloween costumes this year I thought about having Jeremy and I go as Jon and Kate Gosselin. It should be easy enough. I could just wear this wig and a pair of over sized sunglasses and yell at random brunette-haired children, and Jeremy could wear a diamond stud earring and follow me around pretending to be as disinterested as possible, or just not show up since Jon isn’t really in the picture anymore. Just a thought….

Have a great day!

1 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

I love the Jon and Kate idea...but I see no end result pics! Did you not do it? Can you do it this weekend instead? ;)

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