Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Does Anyone Else Hear That Ticking Noise?

I'm seriously under pressure to have another baby. Not "youneedtohaveababyrightnowwhatareyouwaitingfor" pressure, but more of "its time" pressure. The pressure is not so much by family (thank goodness), but mostly by well-meaning friends and coworkers.

And Jackson.

And I don't mind the pressure, but I'm so afraid to step off the ledge on this one because seriously, you know what you are about to get into again with a second baby.

And no kidding, but our three year old son is putting the pressure on more than anyone else. Jackson is obsessed with wanting a baby in the family, and if asked, he'll say that he wants a baby sister, but a baby brother would be okay too.

I'm glad we got that cleared up.

I guess much of his baby fever is due to the fact that his KK is pregnant, his Sunday School teacher Kara is pregnant, and our good friends, Miranda and Britney just had babies. Just yesterday he told me that if we have a baby that he'll make sure to change the baby's diapers (except the poopy ones) and will make the baby a bottle of milk when its hungry.

He's also promised to love the baby and take good care of it and to not drop the elbow bomb on the baby until it's big.

Another thing I'm glad we got cleared up...

And I'm sitting here thinking about a million things at once, as if I don't have enough on my plate already.

A little voice is telling me that it's time to start thinking about another baby since I've always wanted my children 4 years apart.

A little voice is telling me that, hello, I'm 29 years old and these things take time, which I'm short on since I wanted to be done having kids by the time I'm 30.

A little voice is wondering how Jackson would really handle a new addition to the family.

A little voice is wondering if I'm over analyzing things as usual.

A little voice is asking me how will we afford another baby.

A little voice is asking me if I'm ready to start over.

A little voice is reminding me of how much I struggled to get pregnant.

A little voice is reminding me of that ever present ticking sound.

The morals of the story: Jackson needs to quit pressuring his Mama, and I have too many voices in my head.


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McCrory Family said...

Hahaha! Jackson is so cute! But the reality is, you will NEVER be prepared to have baby #2!! Life will never, ever, ever be the same after #2 comes along....but in a totally amazing, good, crazy way! :)

The Jones' said...

I agree with Lindsey. You will not be prepared, financially, emotionally, any way. But it is crazy in a wonderful way. And you know God's timing is perfect....it may shock you to pieces and it may break your heart for a time....but it is perfect. That baby will be here before you know it! I just know it will. Never heard of being pressured by a 3 year old though! He's a little genius!

Mom said...

Loved loved loved this potential news. Keep up the good work Jackson. No, Nana is not pressuring, but wouldn't it be the BEST news.

Nelson: Party of Four said...

I'm jumping on the "I'm A Mom of Two kids" bandwagon with Lyndsey and Candy. To quote what Candy posted a while back, you will be busier than with one child. You might even feel sometimes that the child who was once the sole recipient of your attention now gets neglected at times. But I can not express enough how different these two children are, how wonderful they are, how easy it is two love to children in totally different ways, and how awesome God is to have blessed us with another baby. Stop listening to the voices in your head AND JUST DO IT ALREADY!!! (literally)

Rachel said...

Agreed. With all of it. I'm right there with you.

Kay said...

Was reading this thinking you've got too many people in your head right now! LOL I think there is really only One voice you need to listen to, though. : )

Jeni said...

Amy, I assume if you're putting this out there for all of us to read, that you're welcoming to our comments, right? :) Coming from someone that had two babies 18 months apart while my husband was in law school and me being a stay at home mom, and now about to have our third just as my husband is beginning his law career, I will tell you that the Lord loves children and will bless you BEYOND MEASURE if you bring his children to the Earth. Somehow everything works itself out. Kids adjust and love the new additions, the money is there, and all is well and perfect, or at least that has been our experience. If you're feeling these feelings of "it's time", they are likely coming from more than just Jackson and your ticking clock. You're a prayerful person. You and Jeremy will know when the timing is right if you just don't overanalyze it and go with what you FEEL. Would love to read about a coming member to the Wade family sometime soon!

jennifer said...

Having another baby is completely up to you. But if you were asking my advice?

Put Jackson to bed early and enjoy the process :) I am so thankful that my kids have their siblings. Having multiple children adds a bit of work (HA) but it is SO worth it.

I LOVED Mom's reaction. That was precious.

Marie said...

Yikes! Jackson sounds adorable! But YIKES! I am getting good and comfortable with my one. He is currently also fascinated with babies but very much still wants him Mama when he wants her. Sigh...I hear ya'!

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