Monday, November 23, 2009

It's All About Specificity Folks!

I learned something this weekend: when you are straightening up the house and you pop into the "front bathroom" and notice a lack of toilet paper, do not ask a three year old to run to the "back" bathroom and get a roll of toilet paper. Because the three year old will undoubtedly unroll the entire roll of toilet paper from your bathroom and then bring you a big pile of toilet paper.

I guess I should have been more specific! After all, he did bring me a roll of toilet paper just like I asked! And if you are a guest in my house anytime during the next few weeks, please excuse the pile of toilet paper in the front bathroom. Just pull off a few squares. It still works the same!

Oh, and say a prayer for my Mom. She is sitting in an airport in Atlanta right now, and is getting ready to fly to Italy for the next 10 days to go visit my best friend Allison. Allison's Mom (Mrs. Sharon, my Denver Momma!) and my Mom will meet up in New York in a few hours and then fly to Venice together. I'm so jealous!! These two ladies will set Europe on fire with their crazy antics! Allison has big plans for them and they will be running all over Italy and will also spend time in Germany and Austria during this trip. Please pray that they have a safe trip and a wonderful time!! Have a great Monday!

1 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

That's hilarious!

And what a fun trip - I'd be jealous too!! I hope your Mom writes a guest post about her adventures!!!

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