Monday, November 02, 2009

Its Monday Already?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was wonderful. Busy, but great. Friday night we went to the downtown area and enjoyed the festival at First Baptist, and then Saturday night we went to the church where Jackson goes to school and had a wonderful time at their festival. Enjoy the pictures!

Spiderman ready to roll!

Spiderman, Nana and Tata

Riding the swings. He loved it, but he just didn't want his picture taken at all!

People thought he was scared, but no. He's just being difficult!

Loving the pony ride!

Such a stinker!

Hotdog dinner at his school

Jackson and Nana

He finally conquered his fear of inflatables!!!!

He loved the inflatable slide! He's always been terrified before, but we couldn't get him off this thing!

Playing games to get MORE candy!

Horse ride (not a pony this time!)

He loved the train ride!

And I just have to share this: Jackson, Nana and I decided to ride the hayride. We waited in line and when we got onto the hayride this adorable little girl runs up and sits right next to Jackson. He immediately got shy and hid his face. This sweet little girl says, "Hey Jackson!" and I realized that she was in his class. I asked her name and she said it was Amelia. I've heard all about Amelia, and know that she is Jackson's girlfriend. Well, Amelia saddled right up to Jackson and grabbed his hand so that they could hold hands during the ride! Isn't that so cute. Amelia's Daddy wasn't too pleased, and luckily for Amelia's Dad, Jackson wanted nothing to do with her because he was too shy! I think it's so sweet! And she was such a classy little gal, dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood.

If my three year old has to date, at least he's got good taste!

Have a great day!

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Marie said...

That looked like an awesome Fall Festival. Cute story about his girlfriend!

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