Monday, November 09, 2009

Stepping On My Soapbox

*Wade's World Disclaimer* If you are a Democrat or a Liberal, you might want to just move on and not read this post. You will not like it. Consider yourself warned. Comments that I deem rude or argumentative will be deleted without hesitation or apologies. I've had enough of all that left wing garbage being crammed down my throat. I'm not like Fox News. I never claimed to be fair and balanced.

*And now I'm stepping on my soapbox.

All this mess about health care reform is making me sick. Did I miss something in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution that deemed that health insurance was a God given right? Last time I checked, our rights were that of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." I don't see health care mentioned anywhere. I watched in horror this weekend as our House of Representatives passed Nancy Pelosi's Health care bill after passing the Stupak Amendment. Now I was supporting the Stupak amendment because it would ban the use of federal tax dollars to pay for abortion, and it's passage was a major victory for the pro-lifers out there like me, but I knew that if the amendment passed that several of the "on the fence" democrats would in fact vote for the health care bill to pass. In that way, the amendment was a double-edged sword; vote against abortion, vote for government takeover of a private industry. And I heard that Pelosi had already worked a deal that if the Stupak amendment passed through the House, that the amendment would disappear in the Senate version, which basically means that lots of well intentioned Representatives voted for this bill in good faith, only to be snookered once again by Pelosi.

Now I have several friends that think I'm somewhat obsessed with politics. I listen to conservative talk radio for about 6 hours a day (in the background while I'm at work), and I admit that I check Drudge Report almost constantly. These politicians are making life and death decisions for us, and we should be ashamed of ourselves if we don't hold them accountable for their choices. We should know exactly how they are voting and what the issues are. People have given their lives in order for us to have freedom to speak out, and I'll be darned if I'm not going to use my voice.

Here's some issues that you need to be aware of as this vote comes before the Senate:

1. According to Pelosi, this 1,990 page document will cost an estimated $829 billion. The actual costs will be closer to $1.055 trillion. That's a trillion dollars that belongs to our children and grandchildren. We are robbing them blind, and they don't even pay taxes yet.

2. Expanding Medicaid, and gutting private Medicare. Pelosi's plan includes using $426 billion from future Medicare spending to fund universal coverage. What does this mean for senior citizens? In addition to not getting a social security check increases, their Medicare coverage will be cut in order to basically put all Americans on Medicaid.

3. Tax the wealthy; The Bill includes $572 billion in new taxes that will apply to anyone earning over $1 million for joint filers, or $500,000 for singles. Their new tax rate will rise to 45% of their income in 2011. This won't directly affect my checkbook at first because Heaven knows, I don't make a million dollars, but this cost will trickle down because it punishes those who are successful. Since when should someone who has made an honest living be punished for their success? They shouldn't. That's straight up socialism, and last time I checked, we lived in a democracy. But get this: even if the government took 100% of earnings for those making $500,000 or more, it's still not enough money. That's where the middle class comes in. Yeah! You will now be considered rich and they will raise your taxes because we still have to pay for the "have nots" in our society. Like a hungry dragon, it's never going to be enough. The government will never be satisfied as long as it's taking from those who still have.

4. Despite the strain on small businesses, and our floundering economy, businesses would be required to pay 8% of their payroll to the government if they don't offer insurance or pay at least 72.5% of their workers' premiums. Mark my words: this will directly affect salaries because if a company is forced to pay for health insurance, they still have to make a profit. In an economy with 10.2% unemployment, I predict that these rates will go even higher when businesses have to make the choice of paying for insurance or letting workers go.

5. You will be mandated by law to buy government approved health insurance. If you choose not to purchase insurance, you will be taxed up to 2.5% of your gross income. If you choose not to pay the tax, you will be penalized with a fine up to $250,000 and could serve up to 5 years in prison. So now the government will force you to purchase something that you may feel you don't even need. What's next? The government taxing cokes because they need to stop us from getting fat? Oh, wait. That's already in the works. The government needs to focus on bigger issues than what I'm drinking.

6. The government will control health care costs and will deem if a doctor prescribed health care regime is essential and cost effective. This in turn will lead to reduced medical care. Basically, a government committee will get to decide if you are worth saving.

Final thoughts: This plan still does NOTHING to cover tort reform. Our health care costs are soaring because of frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits and this bill will do nothing to touch that.

Congress will still not be included as part of this plan. How dare they pass something that they deem "wonderful' and "life changing" and not be willing to join the plan like the rest of America. I'm furious about this bill, and you better believe that if my Senators vote for this bill that I will do everything in my power to see that they don't get re-elected. I'm fed up with this garbage coming down from D.C.

Pelosi is evil and and Obama is a socialist. Together they are a terrifying combination. 85% of Americans are satisfied with the health care they have. What sense does it make to throw an entire industry down the goverment drain to satisfy the needs of 15% of the people? The bottom line is that I'm a tax paying American who works hard for what I have. I'm not against helping people when they are down on their luck, but I am tired of paying for people who have never earned an honest dime in their life. I'm tired of the government just helping themselves to what I've worked hard for. I'm tired of the government interferring in my life. And I'm tired of the government telling me what's good for me.

And my blood pressure is going up....I guess I better get that treated before Obamacare goes into force and I'm forced to be led out to pasture.

*And I'm now off my soapbox. Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.*

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Amen sister! Couldn'ta said it better myself!

Kellyn said...

I think my blood pressure went up just reading that! I'm scared to even think about the future of America with government health care. The next thing is probably a limit on the number of children you can have like in China to control spending! And, like 85% of Americans, I am very happy with my health insurance that I/we work for and pay for. If I bust my hump every day to earn a living and enjoy the things I have in life, why should I have to give that to the government to dispense to people who are fully capable, but chose not to work because the government will take care of them. We should all decide to live that way since there is no longer motivation to do better in life and see how the government handles that when there is no one else to steal from!

Jeni said...

I'm impressed how knowledgable you are about this. And now I'm terrified. I heard about the midnight bill that got passed on a SATURDAY, but really didn't know what all it entailed. Now I do and I'm sick to my stomach. But it still has to go through the Senate, right? So there's hope?

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