Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Tell Me That Someone Didn't Actually Try This

Have you ever heard a phrase that even though you have heard it your entire life, you hear it one day and you think to yourself, "How in the world did they come up with that?" Now I know that since I live in the south, we definitely have more than our fair share of sayings that are unusual, such as "Well bless her heart" which could be used when someone is just "plum off their rocker." Or how about "what in tarnations" which could be used right after you found out what the person who was "plum off their rocker" did. But that is neither here nor there.

I also have found that words sometimes sound really funny to me. Say the word "Earth" out loud. Go on. Say it. Now say it again really slowly. Eeaaarrrttttthhhh.

Isn't that a funny word! Who came up with that?

And why is it not spelled "Urth?"

I'm not quite sure who did the naming of our planets, but I think whoever did kinda dropped the ball on the creativity meter. They really should have come up with a word that has more "oomph" behind it. It should've been given a name that had more flair and was more magnificent like, "Look at our glorious planet, the only one that has water and air and gravity and people can live on it!"

Granted, that wouldn't exactly fit into the whole "MVEMJSUNP" thing that Screech taught us on Saved By The Bell.

And speaking of "MVEMJSUNP," am I the only one sad that Pluto has been demoted and is no longer a planet? What kind of bully could look at a planet in the sky and say to it, "I'm sorry, but you're just not big enough to be part of the planet club. You just go on and go play with all the other little stars out there, but you better stay in line mister, because we still need you to be part of this rotation thing we have going on."

And before I go on, I need to assure you that I have not been taking cold medication. I'm just thinking rather randomly lately. Blame it on actually working at work.

Yesterday I heard the phrase, "There's more than one way to skin a cat" and it just stuck with me all day. I mean seriously, who came up with that? I'm not a huge fan of cats mostly due to the fact that I'm highly allergic to them, but even the most allergic person in the world couldn't be that allergic. Could they?

Come to think of it, maybe that's where it came from.

I also tend to favor pets that won't turn on you at the drop of a dime and claw your eyeballs out.

Anyways, do you think someone actually tried to find more than one way to skin a cat? Surely, not! And why has PETA not protested the phrase? They protest everything else!

I got to talking about this phrase last night with Jeremy and I came up with a few ideas that are, perhaps, a little more animal friendly. Here were my suggestions:

There's more than one way to cut an apple.
There's more than one way to tie your shoes.
There's more than one way to row a boat.
There's more than one way to sharpen a pencil.
There's more than one way to scramble an egg.
There's more than one way to peel a carrot.
There's more than one way to cook a hot dog.

Come to think of it, I offered lots of food examples.

Jeremy's contribution to my ponderings: "There's more than one way to cut the cheese."

He's ever so helpful, that Jeremy of mine...

4 random thoughts:

Mom said...

Amy, I'm confused ... you say you are "working." How 'bout PONDERING!!! How -- get to work. On second hand, pondering is more fun. Keep it up!

Mom said...

Oh, and another thought ... Bless Pluto's heart!!!

Vote for Pluto ... after all, what has little Pluto done to you. Shine on!!!

Samantha said...

Well bless your heart..


Love this.

Kay said...

Loved the last one.. my hubs would totally say that and then I'd have to give him 'the look'. LOL

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