Monday, January 18, 2010

What I Learned This Weekend

It rained all weekend here, so we had quite a bit of time on our hands. We ended up not going to Build-A-Bear like we had originally planned because there was no way that I was getting out by myself in the rain with a three year old when I really didn't have to. We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and Jackson had a blast! I'll have to post video later because he was such a cutie at the party.

And since I really didn't do much this weekend, I had plenty of time to just chill with Jackson, which is always fun and entertaining! Here are some things I learned this weekend:

There really is nothing quite like sitting down on an ice cold toilet seat.

There really is nothing quite like getting home from the grocery store only to realize that you forgot to buy eggs, knowing that you were making breakfast for supper one night this week.

There really is nothing quite like the panicky feeling of hitting the water temperature dial in the shower all the way over to "burn your skin off" and realizing it a second before the water temperature actually changes. Then you have to do that "OMG I'm about to get scalded" dance in the shower while you readjust the temperature.

There really is nothing quite like the feeling of having your three year old drop the elbow bomb on your big hangie down thingies when you are laying in bed.

There really is nothing quite like the feeling when a random act of kindness that you performed comes back to you! Jeremy and I helped a gentleman having car trouble the other day. He kept offering to pay us something and we assured him that we didn't wanyanything from him, but that if he wanted to thank us, that he could come visit our church. He got our names and we thought that was the end of the story. Well, yesterday afternoon he dropped off an envelope at our door that had a large gift certificate to O'Charley's and a gift certificate to the movies. He called us later to make sure that we got it and kept saying over and over that he was just so grateful for our help that he couldn't not do something. I told him that we appreciated the gifts, but seriously, it would just make our day if he came to visit our church. Keep your fingers crossed that he will consider it. Wouldn't that just be the most awesome thing ever!

There really is nothing quite like the feeling of being able to leave your child at preschool or church nursery, or with a babysitter and not have to deal with a meltdown of epic proportions. We've noticed that Jackson is doing amazingly well when we have to leave now, and when I asked him over the weekend, "When did you get to be such a big boy?" he thought for a minute and said, "Hmmm. I think it was in January!"

And Jackson warmed our hearts yesterday when he told us that Jesus died on the cross for him. We said that yes, Jesus did die on the cross for him and that shows us how much Jesus loves us. We were feeling all warm and fuzzy from our exchange until Jackson piped up with, "And Mama, tomorrow I'm going to die on the cross just like Jesus!"

I think we have some more explaining to do!

3 random thoughts:

Lianne said...

Bless Jackson's little heart! What a sweetie!

Kay said...

I would stay in too. Nothing like dragging a kid and all their supplies and a "B-A-B" and all its newly acquired supplies. In the rain. Um, no thanks. I think I'd tell him that I think Jesus has got the dying for our sins thing covered once and for all. Thankfully. : )

Rachel said...

Too cute!!

By the way - I prefer an ice cold toilet seat. Anything warmer gives me the icky feeling of being a kid again and my Dad being in our only bathroom for 30 minutes and me HAVING to pee and going in right after him.....and dying a horrible death of asphyxiation.

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