Monday, February 01, 2010

Only A Mother Says Stuff Like This

We had a great weekend here at Wade's World. My sister Kellyn had her first baby shower for Luke this weekend and it was wonderful! The church was decorated so nicely and she got so many cute (and practical) things for Luke. He should be arriving in one month and I can't wait to meet the little guy.

It was cold here this weekend so we didn't get to play outside. Jeremy had to work this weekend so it was just me and the little guy. We had a great time playing together as always, but I found that being cooped up all day means I find myself saying things to Jackson that only a mother would say. Such as:

"Jackson, I know you are pretending to be a kitty right now, but please quit licking the couch cushion."

or, "Jackson, you cannot take a nap with the rubber mallet because it will give you blinters (splinters in Jacksonese)."

or, "Jackson, we don't eat ranch dressing on scrambled eggs."

or, "Jackson, I know you want to eat ranch dressing for breakfast, but it's not gonna happen. Give it up."

or, "Jackson, I'm gonna ask you one.more.time. to quit running around naked and get into the tub. And yes, I have to wash your hair."

or, "No, Jackson, you're not being good right now, but nice try."

or, "Yes, Jackson, we'll see if when you are five you can ride in a police car and catch all the bad guys and lock them up in jail."

or, "Um, Jackson, I don't think Macy wants to be a horse right now. She doesn't look too happy about this game."

or, "Yes, I'll be a horse."

or, "Jackson, I know that you are being a superhero pirate man bad guy, but it's too cold to run around all morning only in your underwear."

And my personal favorite: "Jackson, please, for the love, tell me that when Colton asked you to eat his booger that you told him no!"

3 random thoughts:

Nana said...

On the last item, please tell me that Jackson didn't do that!!!

He's too young for peer pressure.

Does Nana need to have a talk with Colton???

Lianne said...

Oh man. Ranch makes everything better, but maybe not that last thing.


Kay said...

LOL I remember those days very well! Let's hope he didn't eat the boogie. :p

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