Monday, February 08, 2010

So The Saints Went Marching In

You need to know that when I was typing the title for this post, I typed the word “went” as “whent.” Either it’s because it’s a Monday, or because I wish I was living in King James times.

And in typing the sentence above me, I typed “Monday” as “Moday.” So apparently it’s going to be a Moday all day long!

So, what I was going to say before I went off on my typo diatribe was that I was so excited about the Saints winning the Super Bowl last night. In all actuality, I don’t care a lick about professional football, I just like watching the Super Bowl for the commercials.

But this year, I was totally pulling for the Saints because I thought it would be really cool for an underdog team that has never even made it to the Super Bowl to leave with a win. Jeremy was pulling for the Colts because he likes the Mannings.

I promise my pulling for the Saints against Jeremy’s wishes had nothing to do with the fact that Jeremy pulled for Alabama over Auburn despite my wishes.

Well, it didn’t have much to do with that little tidbit!

Anyways, the Saints won. The Colts lost. Let’s discuss the commercials! I’m giving my own awards for some of the best!

The "Awww, How Sweet!" Award goes to:

The "Best Use of Screaming Chickens" Award goes to:

The "Cheapest Wardrobe Budget" Award goes to:

The Award for "Most Pre-Game Hype But Overall Kinda A Let Down" goes to:

The "I Gotta Give Them Credit For Being Funny" Award goes to:

The "Cutest Milkaholic" Award goes to:

The "Best Commercial for Upcoming Show" goes to:

And the Award for "Best Waste of Taxpayers Dollars By Our Government" goes to:

If you thought that I would let that one get by me without a comment, then clearly you don't know me at all!

4 random thoughts:

Lianne said...

Whoa! He likes the Mannings AND Alabama? That's mind-blowing to me! I didn't care about the game, I just wanted to see Manning get beat. :)

I agree about the over-blown hype on the Tebow thing. They didn't even MENTION the word "abortion" in the ad. Really, I felt like they let an opportunity to be a witness slip through their fingers by not saying more. And I thought the tackle was stupid. It really was more a commercial for "Focus on the Family" than it was for the pro-life cause. The video link on FOTF is interesting, though.

Hope you have a great "Moday!"

Mom said...


The second half was AWESOME.

As for the commercials, my favorite was the Clydesdales -- their always my favorite.

Second, the Denny chickens!!!

Mom said...

P.S. As much as I like Tim Tebow himself, the commercial was disappointing. After seeing it, I thought -- that's it????

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

THANK YOU! I was highly disappointed in the Tebow commercial too. I second what Lianne said!

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