Friday, February 19, 2010

Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Buying a Coke from a vending machine and two drop out!


Already having pink eye medication on hand just in case Jackson gets it since there is a case in his class!

An clean report from the dentist!

A perfectly cooked steak dinner from Outback for Jeremy's birthday!

A trip to the creek with the most fun three year old that I know!

Watching said three year old peeing by the creek!

Capturing some cuteness on camera!

Seeing an imagination at work!

Finding a perfect walking stick!

And being told that your precious child loves you "Thhhhiissss Muuucccchhhh!"

6 random thoughts:

Nelson: Party of Four said...

He is like, the second cutest little boy ever. His laughter is definitely contagious and I needed to laugh the other night! And I say second cutest because I have my own little boy now. Which, by the way, is so your fault.

Tina said...


Love the pictures by the can see how much fun he was cute!

Kay said...

Oh my gosh... love these pics of your boy enjoying himself to pieces! Glad you got to see him pee by the creek too. The day wouldn't be complete without THAT! : )

Mom said...

What a great way to begin a new week!

Rachel said...

Those ARE happy moments!! And absolutely adorable pictures!!

Life In Progress said...

Oh, the picture of that Coke can nearly sent me into convulsions!! I gave up soda for Lent - TORTURE!!

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