Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who’s Running This Show?

It seems that now that Jackson is 3 1/2 he's gotten a little big for his size 3T britches. I think he’s got the idea that he’s in charge of our house and that he will always get what he wants.

And Mommy's not happy with that line of thinking.

Not happy at all.

For instance, Nana and Tata gave Jackson a box of truffles for Valentines Day. Jackson loves the chocolates (and they are amazingly delicious) and Jeremy let Jackson have a few after school yesterday. Then around 7:30 last night Jackson spotted the box of chocolates and decided that he just HAD to have one.right.now. Jackson went over to Jeremy and said, “Daddy, I want a chocolate.” Notice he didn't use the word "please" in this exchange. That's a bone of contention with me. Jeremy quickly said, “Jackson you can’t have a chocolate because it’s bedtime.”

Well, Jackson turned right around, walked over to me and said, “Mommy, can I have chocolate?”

Seeing as how I had watched Jeremy and Jackson’s exchange just seconds before, I’m sure you can guess what I said.

And yes, Jackson was quickly reminded about using the "p" word.

And I’m sure you can guess how thrilled Jackson was to find out that he wouldn’t be getting any chocolate from me either because we’re such mean parents like that.

Child Protective Services really should be called on us for our meanness.

So Jackson turned back around to Jeremy and whined, "Mommy wonnntttt lleeeettttt mmmeeeee haaavveee annnyyyy ccchooocccoolllattttee..."

And that is where Jeremy and I started laughing at his antics, because seriously, I gotta give the kid credit for trying.

And I’m sure you can guess that he threw the fit of the century because, “I'M NOT LAUGHING! I JUST WANT ME SOME CHOCOLATE!!!”

I think I’ve yelled the same thing before when I was PMSing.

After 10 minutes of listening to Jackson hollering from his room, because hello, it was bedtime, Jeremy was less than happy with the situation. We both went back into his room to try to talk to Jackson but he wanted nothing to do with us. So we left his room to let him cry it out. Jeremy hates doing that, but I just reminded him of my mantra for times like these which is, “Crying never killed anyone.”

And if it did, then don't tell me about it because it would just ruin my mantra.

I then walked into the kitchen and got a piece of chocolate out of my truffle box.

You know why?

Because I’m the Mommy, that’s why!

6 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

Oh goodness! Just another day in the Wade household, huh?

Lianne said...

You know what? I just want me some chocolate, too. Sounds like a plan to me!

Kay said...

This whole thing reminded me of when both my young children learned they wouldn't get 'it' just because they said please. LOL Parenting has it's moments. You handle it with such humor and grace.. because you're the mommy, that's why! : )

Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

Yes I did tried to hide my own secret staff and thought I hid it well, in the cereal box no one liked it was empty..
So no one would find it.. much to my surprize when I cam down in the middle of the night.. none left

Rachel said...

LOL. Pooooor kid. Now I want some truffles.

Life In Progress said...

I love this! And I agree.....crying never hurt anyone!!

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