Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yep, Pregnancy Suits Her

Jackson is obsessed with babies right now. He's constantly saying things like, "Mama, I need a baby brother" or, "Mama, you need to have a baby so I can be a big brother" or, "I need to have a baby brother and I will name him Charlie!"

Nothing like pressure from a three year old!

Y'all know my sister Kellyn is pregnant. Jackson is fascinated with her belly. In all honesty, I'm quite fascinated with her belly too. She looks like she's smuggling a basketball, and from behind you can't even tell that she's pregnant. I'm also very perplexed as to how someone can be 37 weeks pregnant and not have a.single.stretch.mark.

I'm totally jealous!

She's one of those never-had-morning-sickness pregnant ladies that are just so cute with their glowing skin and perfectly round stretch mark free bellies that just make you want to say, "No Fair!" She's gorgeous!

Last night Kellyn came over for Girls Night Out and before Jeremy and Jackson were evicted from the house, Jackson had to go check on Luke, like he always does when I overheard the following conversation:

Jackson: "KK, is baby Luke still in your belly?"
KK: "He sure is."
Jackson: "He's not done growing and cooking yet?"
KK: "Not yet, but soon. Just a few more weeks and he'll be here."
Jackson: "My Mommy has a baby in her tummy."
KK: "She does?"
Jackson; "Yep. She's gonna have a baby tomorrow morning."

Let the record show that there is no baby in my tummy. I just hope to goodness that he doesn't go share his exciting news at church and school!

But back to Kellyn; Please be in prayer for her as her and Jason are preparing meet Luke Thomas Gibson on March 1st, unless things get started before then. Pray that her last few weeks of this wonderful pregnancy are restful and that she will have a easy and simple labor as she brings Luke into the world.

You know how I told you that pregnancy totally suits her? Kellyn and Jason did a maternity session a few weeks ago with a wonderful photographer, Lori Mercer. The pictures are amazing! See for yourself:

Isn't she gorgeous!

Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.
Jeremiah 1:5 (The Message)

4 random thoughts:

Lisa said... id I miss this!! Your baby sister pregnant!! CONGRATS on becoming a AUNT!!!!

Kay said...

Adorable! Love the umbrella shot!

Rachel said...

Those pics are so sweet! You're right - she's precious! AND I'm totally jealous that she has a popped belly button. I kept waiting for mine to pop, and it NEVER DID!!! :(

Kristen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the umbrella shot! Lori Mercer is so very talented! I will have to make sure that shot is included when we take preggo pics!

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