Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayer Time

Last night before Jackson went to bed we all sat down beside each other for Jackson to say his prayers. By the time he was done, Jeremy and I were about to die laughing. Here's why:

Jackson: "Dear God. Thank you for today. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my friends. And thank you for everyone in the world, except for Charlie because he doesn't go to my school anymore. Aman!"

After seeing us try not to laugh Jackson said, "That was a pretty good prayer, huh!"

He's such a stinker!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Consider It A Lesson Learned

Remember when I confessed last week that I hadn't been to the grocery store in a week, and I was holding it for Saturday?

Well, Saturday came and went without a trip to Walmart due to our amazing excursion to watch the Air Show.

And Sunday came and went without a trip to Walmart because of church, Jackson's (and my) nap, Jackson's preschool choir, church again (which ran late), and dinner. By the time we got home Sunday night it was 8:30.

So yesterday Jeremy volunteered to use part of his day off to go shopping for me. Seeing as how I didn't have a list prepared for him I was really nervous, but he insisted that he would do a good job.

Let's just say that he did such a good job that he's not going to have to worry about grocery shopping for me ever again!

It all started when Jeremy called me as he walked into Walmart. He told me that he was on the pharmacy side of Walmart and he asked if we needed anything from that side of the store. I told him that I needed new eyeliner, and embarrassed as he was to be in the cosmetics section, he found my eyeliner and told me that he would call me back when he got to the other side of the store.

And then I got really busy at work and didn't realize that he hadn't called back.

I quickly remembered that I hadn't heard back from him when he called back an hour later and we had the following conversation:

Jeremy: "So I'm finished shopping.

Me: "What? You didn't call me back?"

Jeremy: "That's okay. I figured it out on my own and we are good to go!"

Me: "OMG. What did you buy?"

Jeremy: "I did really good. I even had my cell phone out and used the calculator function to add up the purchases as we went. I was good at it. My calculator said $147 and....

Me: (completely interrupting him)"Excuse me? You're calculator said how much?"

Jeremy: "$147. Why? Is that bad?"

Me: (restraining myself from coming through the phone) "Jeremy, what did you buy? I usually spend about $75 for a week's worth of groceries, maybe $100 if I have to buy toilet paper and makeup."

Jeremy: "Oh. Well, I got lots of stuff. I got apples and bananas and tomatoes and that cheesy taco rice mix you like and umm....."

Me: "Anything else? Why did you buy tomatoes?"

Jeremy: "For tomato sandwiches. But they were kinda expensive. They were $2.89 a pound."

Me: (after falling out of my chair) "And you bought them?

Jeremy: "Well, yeah."

Me: "Do you remember seeing all the stuff about how the price of tomatoes has gone up because of the cold weather?"

Jeremy: "I remember something about that."

Me: "Tomatoes are in high demand right now, and besides that, it's not even tomato season. Next time you see tomatoes at $2.89 a pound just keep walking."

Jeremy: "But I got other stuff too!"

Me: "We'll talk about this later."

After Jeremy got home and unpacked the groceries he proudly called me back to tell me that he unearthed more meals from the bags. We're now going to be eating hot dogs, cheesy taco rice, sloppy joes, breakfast for supper, and taco bake.

And the sloppy joes? We're having those without hamburger buns because they were forgotten. I guess we'll eat them with the apples and bananas and chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal creme pies; We've got plenty of that stuff!

I feel like I'm eating in a bachelor bad. All we're missing is Slim Jims, Cheese Puffs and Vienna Sausages.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much seeing as how he did keep me out of Walmart for another week! I'll give him an B+ for effort and initiative! But this Saturday, I'm back in charge, and Jeremy will once again be placed in position of chief buggy pusher!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thundering Weekend

This weekend our local Air Force Base hosted a community wide event called Thunder Over Alabama. They had lots of airplanes on display, and the featured events were airplane demonstrations, the Golden Knight Parachute team and the Thunderbirds. If you've never seen the Thunderbirds in person, you need to. They are amazing, and the talent of the pilots is unbelievable!

Mom and Dad took Jackson out early Saturday morning to see the airplanes, and then I joined them after lunch to spend the afternoon. We had a really good time and the weather was amazingly beautiful. We even got to see the real Budweiser Clydesdale's that were on display. They were gorgeous! Jackson loved the horses, but was just in awe watching the "parachute mans" perform and he kept asking if he could do that when he turns five!

When it came time for the Thunderbirds to perform, which was much later in the afternoon, Jackson was exhausted. He was sitting on my Dad's shoulders and actually fell asleep with his head resting on Dad's head right before the show begin! We ended up letting him sleep on the blanket and he slept right through the Thunderbirds, which is amazing because of how incredibly loud they are. He did get startled a few times, despite the fact that he was wearing ear plugs, but the kid was practically unconscious!

It was a wonderful day and although I didn't have my camera with me, I'll share some of the pictures my Mom took later. Until then I'll share a few pictures of the Thunderbirds courtesy of their official website. Have a great day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love This Kiddo

We got Jackson's school pictures yesterday and we were thrilled! For once Jackson actually smiled! We think the pictures turned out great, but I'll let you decide for yourself...

And I know I'm biased, but I think that is one handsome little fellow!

Weekly Confessions

Since confession is good for the soul, or so I hear, I thought I would share a few more confessions with you today.

• I introduced Jackson to the joy of Fun Dip last night. It was love at first lick.

After he was finished I decided that I just couldn’t resist cleaning the edges of the bowl with my finger and licking my finger clean. I stopped just short of licking the bowl. It was hard.

• I blame the Fun Dip for me not going to sleep until close to midnight.

• I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a week and I’m holding out until Saturday.

• When Jackson asked to go the creek the other day, I told him that the only way we would go is if he would let me take some cute pictures of him, without fussing. It worked! He had fun, and I got some really cute shots!

• And speaking of the creek, I let Jackson bring another stick home from the creek on Tuesday. The rule is that the sticks stay outside because Macy eats them if they are brought in the house. Well, this stick got into the house and Macy immediately started chewing on it. When I threw it out the front door into the flower bed with all the other sticks while Jackson was in the bathtub it broke. I, of course, was hoping that Jackson would forget all about the stick, which didn’t happen. The confession part of this: After Jackson found his broken stick, instead of telling the truth like I know I should have, I convinced him that a bird must have tried to carry the stick off and it got broken that way. I just didn't want to face his wrath!

• We’re going out for Japanese hibachi with friends tonight to celebrate my new job, and I have no intention of having leftovers!

That's all for me toady. Anything you need to confess?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exciting News!!!

So guess what I did....

Any guesses?


Well, I won't hold out on you any longer since everything is now completely official.

I got a new job! I'm so excited! I'll be working for a company that provides psychiatric residential treatment services at three different locations for kids age 10-18. My job will be for me to travel 3 days a week (during the day) to DHR's in my territory to market these facilities. The other two days I'll be in the office here in town. And guess what else? I'll be working with my brother-in-law Jason, as well as my church's former youth minister's wife Lyndsey!

I'm really excited, but nervous at the same time. Change is hard for me, but I know that God has blessed me with an opportunity to make more money for our family, and even better, I'll finally have the chance to put my college education to work. I know my parents are excited about that too! I start work on April 12th.

So please pray for us as we make this transition in our life.

And did I mention that I was excited?

Really, really excited!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This past Saturday Spring finally decided to make an appearance in our area. It was gorgeous and we decided to enjoy a trip to the zoo. Jackson had a blast and we really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

We saw roosters running wild...

And tigers (thankfully not running wild!)

and Jackson loved the baby elephant!

The alligator didn't so much care for Jackson!

We watched the pretty flamingos..

And Jackson showed us how he could be a flamingo!

We enjoyed the chimpanzees..

And spotted birds with silly haircuts..

And we ended the day with a ride on the train...

But my favorite exhibit of all? Watching this little monkey run wild!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Said Life Was Fair?

Jackson has really been giving us fits lately with all his independence, perseverance, and strong willedness along with about 17 other James Dobsonish words.

My Mom is totally eating this up because in all reality, I'm totally getting my parental comeuppance.

It seems that our child thinks that he's Master of the Universe, or Master of Wade's World at least, and that he, and he alone, gets to decide what his plans are and what's good for him.

Case in point, Jackson and I had the following conversation yesterday afternoon that started just after I buckled him into his car seat at school and continued off and on until after supper was over:

Jackson: "Can I have a cupcake for snack when I get home?"
Me: "You can have a cupcake after you finish your supper."
Me: "I'm sorry, but you can't have a cupcake this close to supper. If you eat your supper, then you can have a cupcake."
Me: "That's okay. Supper is soon."

5 minutes later...

Jackson: "What are we having for supper?"
Me: "Dirty Rice."
Jackson: "NOOOOOOOOO!! I don't want Dirty Rice because I WANT A CUPCAKE!"
Me: "You are not eating a cupcake for supper."
Jackson: "Well I want one now!"
Me: "Sorry. No can do!"

5 minutes later as I'm cooking supper...

Jackson: "Mama, can I pretty please have a cupcake for supper?"
Me: "No."
Me: "You are not getting a cupcake for supper!"
Jackson (as he runs from the room): "I'M NOT HAPPY! I'M NOT HAPPY! I'MMM NOOOOTTTT HAPPPYYYYYY!"
Me (muttering to myself now): "Me either!"

5 minutes later as Jackson realizes that he's really not going to get a cupcake for supper...

Jackson: "But I said that I wanted a cupcake for supper."
Me: "I know what you said, but it doesn't matter. I'm the Mommy and I said that you aren't eating a cupcake for supper."
Jackson: "Fine, but I'm mad at you Mommy. I'm not your best friend anymore!"
Me: "That's okay because I still love you!"
Jackson: "Well, I'm mad at you and I'm not your friend because THIS IS NOT MY CHOICE AND IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Yeah, my three year old threw out the "It's not fair argument" and then proceeded to slam the door of his room as hard as he could. After that, it took all of 2.5 seconds for us to come to an understanding on what is and isn't acceptable behavior in our house, and frankly I don't think I'll have trouble this afternoon with him.

I guess I better go ahead and buckle up for the teenage years, because this kid is gonnna keep me on my toes!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Check Out This Cutie Pie

Check out these precious pictures of my nephew Luke! He is 16 days old in the pictures and such a cute litttle fellow. Please continue to remember Kellyn and Luke in your prayers. Kellyn had to be readmitted to the hospital a few days after birth with kidney issues and then right after she got home Luke was diagnosed with RSV. They are both doing much better now, but I know they would greatly appreciate your prayers. Enjoy the pics!

My New Truth

Jackson has apparently gotten it into his mind that if repeats something enough times, and says it loudly enough, that it becomes the truth. Case in point; Jackson thinks he’s five years old right now. He tried convincing his Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Kara, that he’s five. Kara, who happens to be a friend of ours, said “Jackson, your birthday is in August and you are going to be four years old and then after that you will be five.

Jackson’s reply: “No, I’m already five years old.”

And let the record show, that Jackson really does think that he’s five years old right now. It wasn’t just a fluke conversation. He really does think he spoke his truth into reality.

I wish that I had Jackson’s talent for just speaking something into reality. If this were the case you would see me with a bull horn saying things like:

“I'm a size six!” or “No, I don’t need to change my weight on my driver’s license; I’m 130 pounds!” or "We have 1 million dollars in the bank" or “You must have heard wrong; Barack Obama wasn’t elected President!”

And apparently our representatives spoke some of their own delusional truth into reality as of last night with their passage of their catastrophic health care bill. Truths like, “Americans wanted this health care ‘reform’ to pass” and “We promise that this bill won’t pay for government funded abortions” and “Health care is a constitutional right!”

With the exception of the night King Obama was elected, I have never wanted to throw my remote control through my TV as much as I did last night. I was literally enraged last night.

And may I ask what’s up with Pelosi’s civil rights style entrance?

She only carried that big gavel with her to beat the crap out of the Constitution, and perhaps anybody who was thinking of swinging their vote.

So I’m mad. No, I take that back. I’m furious. This is a shameless government takeover of a private industry that will do nothing more than create more cradle to the grave care that will be expected from here on out with no expectation of having to work for what you get in life. I’m sick and tired of the government doing whatever the heck they want to do with no consequences for their behavior.

And so now, I’m taking a page out of Jackson’s book and declaring my own truth: Come November, you Democrats better be watching out, cause you’ve awoken a sleeping giant with the conservatives in America, and we’re not going to take it anymore! Start packing, cause you’re heading home!

And since I’ve spoken my truth, it’s destined to become reality since it works like that for everyone else.

And if you'll kindly excuse me; I need to go throw up on Nancy Pelosi's lavender shoes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Confession Time

I feel like it’s time that I got a few things out there that have been on my mind, I just haven’t yet shared with y’all. Consider this a bloggified version of a Southern Baptist confession. Trust me; I’ll feel better when I just get it all out there! Here goes:

• I’m mildly concerned that before this health care “reform” stuff comes to a vote that I’m going to be arrested for disorderly conduct for protesting. Loudly.

• I’ve been guilty of dusting my office with one of those cans of compressed air that are intended to clean your keyboard. I feel kinda “Charlie’s Angelsish” with that ice cold can in my hand!

• I think I have freezer burn on my right hand from dusting my office this morning.

• I gave Jackson a blue Airhead right before he went to the dentist last week. I then felt like a total idiot having to explain to the hygenist before they went back why Jackson's tongue and teeth looked like he just finished eating a Smurf.

• I drive myself crazy by avoiding stepping on cracks. Oddly enough, it seems to be that Jackson has inherited this trait from me.

• I walk in step with people, even to the point that I make sure our stride and lead food match. I'm strange. I know this.

• I like to drink real Coke.

• I would be perfectly content to eat a bowl of white rice with butter for suppper if I'm alone and don't have to worry about vegetables for Jackson's sake.

• I feel better about myself and my house after watching an episode of Hoarders on TV.

• I loathe Hardees, Geico, and Progressive insurance commercials.

• I’m a Chap Stick junkie. I seriously go into panic mode if I realize that my lips feel dry and I can’t find a tube of Chap Stick. I almost pulled off the road the other day when I was driving because I couldn't find my Chap Stick fast enough.

• I’m missing a bag that has all 3 of my swimsuits in it. I don’t need it now, but I’m consumed by finding it. The last time it was seen was on our cruise, and I pray to goodness that it wasn't left on the ship. Jeremy told me that I should just go buy another swimsuit. I looked at him like he had was crazy because seriously, does he know what goes into buying a swimsuit. It’s like a fluorescently lit, Lycra clad nightmare walking into those dressing rooms.

• And I always, no matter what, pick skittles over M&M’s. I’m a traitor to the female species.

There. I feel better now.

Anything you need to confess?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My little leprechaun wanted to show off his shirt (courtesy of KK) this morning. He's so stinking cute, who could ever resist kissing him? Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Random Dozen

1. On a scale of 1-10, how superstitious are you, honestly?
I would say a 4, maybe 5. I don't open umbrellas inside, I never walk under ladders, I try my best to never step on cracks, I don't break mirrors and I don't like it when black cats cross my path.

On second thought, maybe I'm closer to an 8...

2. Julius Caesar is quoted as saying, "I came, I saw, I conquered." Which circumstance or experience of yours does this saying best describe?
College. I did well, and I graduated with a good GPA, but I had to work hard especially where math and statistics were concerned. They nearly did me in!

3. If I peeked in on your day like a mischievous little leprechaun, at what time would I most likely find you blogging?
Ummm...Early in the morning.

4. Re: springing forward for Daylight Saving Time, is there anything you've ever been really early or really late for?
Way back in the day when I was in the Auburn Marching Band the director Johnnie Vinson taught me what has become my motto in life; Early is on time, on time is late, and late is inexcusable. I've lived by it ever since. Now, daylight savings time still kills me for a few days, but I manage!

5. What are you most looking forward to concerning Spring?
Planting my garden and flower beds. I don't have a green thumb, but I do pretty good, especially where peppers are concerned!

6. Shamrocks are the national flower of Ireland and are picked on St. Patrick's Day and worn on the lapel or shoulder. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day?
You better believe it!

7. One of Caesar's assassins, Casca, said, "But, for my own part, it was Greek to me," which of course means he didn't understand something. Probably his own lines in the play. Anyway, what is something that is "Greek to you," something incomprehensible or indecipherable?
Math and reading music. Yes, I'm aware that I was in band for 8 years of my life, but I totally faked it when it came to doing anything other than twirling a flag because reading music is definitely Greek to me!

8. Is March behaving more like a lion or a lamb where you live?
March thinks it's already April here because it has been raining constantly for days. I'm ready for the sun!

9. "An extra yawn one morning in the springtime, an extra snooze one night in the autumn is all that we ask in return for dazzling gifts. We borrow an hour one night in April; we pay it back with golden interest five months later." -Winston Churchill. If you had one extra hour per day every day, what would you do with it?
I should say exercise, but I would probably sleep!

10. Legend says that every Leprechaun has a pot of gold hidden deep in the Irish countryside. Aside from real gold or money, what material item would be in your dream pot of gold?
Right now? An IPhone or a fun colored laptop.

11. "The best things are nearest: breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of God just before you." Robert Louis Stevenson. Look around you right now and tell us about something essential or beautiful very near you that you take for granted every day.
I have a huge window in my office that overlooks some beautiful trees (when they are in bloom). I take for granted that most people in my building have inner offices and don't get the natural light that I have with a pretty decent view.

12. Just for a bit o' fun, click here ( and then report your Irish name. Mine is "Aishling Guinness." Very interesting! I think I'll stick with Amy!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here I Go Again

So apparently it's time for me to jump on my health care reform soapbox again because apparently some people in Washington aren't reading my blog.

How dare they?

So I'm climbing back up on my political soapbox again.

You see, I thought after the conservative victories in New Jersey, Virginia and most recently, Massachusetts, that the Democrats would wise up and see that Americans are standing up and speaking out against what they are doing to our country.

Well, apparently our Representatives haven't learned anything.

So here's what I'm thinking:

If you told me that a choice that I was about to make would detrimentally effect 85% of Americans in order to help 15% of Americans, I would think twice about what I was doing.

If I was being asked to vote for something that the majority of Americans strongly oppose, I would think twice about what I was doing.

If my "boss" asked me to do something that would cause me to more than likely lose my job in 8 months, and effectively end my career, I would think twice about what I was doing.

If I was about to vote on something to give control of an entire industry to an agency that hasn't been able to successfully run Medicare or Social Security, I would think twice about what I was doing.

If I was about to add $1 trillion dollars to the national debt, which is currently
and counting, I would think twice about what I was doing.

If I had the audacity to say that I was going to vote against the will of my constituents because, "I know what's good for them" I would think twice about what I was doing.

If I was about to vote to pass a bill that doesn't even technically exist right now, just so I could find out what was in the bill (per instructions from Nancy Pelosi), then I would think twice about what I was doing.

I know that my Representatives are voting no for this bill, and for that, they will more than likely be getting a vote from me in November. If you don't know how your Representative is voting then I urge you to contact them immediately. This is much too important to just let fly by us, and although I've heard people say that if it passes then it could just be repealed later, I know it won't be easy to do that and could take many years. We just need to be a thorn in the side of those that are bowing to the pressure of the President to do his dirty work.

And if your Representatives are voting yes for this bill, and you are opposed to it, or maybe you are just sick of your career politicians, how about checking out Vox where for $19.95 you can send moving boxes to any elected member of Congress (with a personalized note) to help them prepare for their move home come November!

Because we conservatives want to be helpful and considerate, especially when it comes to change we can count on!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It Was Seriously THISCLOSE To Being Disasterous

I was on my way home from work on Wednesday and was in a hurry because I had to get ready to head out of town for a conference that was beginning early Thursday morning. It was sprinkling and I was talking to my sister (I know...I know...) as I was driving on the interstate when it started raining much harder. I told Kellyn, "I'm gonna have to let you go. It's really starting to come down..." when I saw some motion up ahead of me on the interstate that quickly caught my attention.

Now picture this: This was a 3 lane interstate with wet roads. I was in the right lane, a semi truck was ahead of me just a bit in the middle lane, and a red car was up ahead of him just a bit more in the left lane. I saw the semi truck start braking and then I saw that the red car in front of him had started hydroplaning and had moved into the middle lane. The red car over corrected and then the back end of the red car got slammed by the semi truck. At that time, the red car spun around and started heading in my direction.

As in, the red car was headed straight towards me on the interstate traveling about 50 mph.

This was taking place just at the time that I was telling my sister that I needed to get off the phone. In fact, the last words I said were, “Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh…”

And then my phone turned off.

I think if I had been in her shoes I would have been freaking out.

Have you ever had one of those times in your life when you are watching something take place in slow motion?

This was one of those times. I’m not kidding when I say that time literally stood still and call me crazy, but I firmly believe that God moved that red car aside just enough for me to be able to safely get out of the way without hitting anyone, because in all reality, that car should have hit me head on. Hard. It was even more of a miracle when you consider that I was traveling in rush hour traffic and I pulled into the exit lane on the interstate with barely a glance over my shoulder.

This whole incident took place in less than 5 seconds.

I was able to get my car into the stripped lane beside the exit ramp and park my car and quickly hit my OnStar button. My adrenaline was pumping so hard that I was just about to get out of my car and check on the driver of the red car before I realized that in this weather I could easily be hit by another car coming up behind the accident. As I was talking to OnStar, I saw that the semi truck had pulled over to the other side of the road and the driver was walking towards my car. It was pouring down rain and the trucker wasn’t carrying an umbrella. I motioned to him to come over to my car and I offered him my umbrella. He kindly refused and was just standing there in the rain so I asked him if he would like to sit down in my car to get out of the rain. He said something about not wanting to get my seat wet and I told him not to worry at all about that.

I moved a few things out of the way and he sat down and was able to talk with OnStar and the police from my car. I had no idea if the other driver was hurt, but after a minute the driver of the red car came up to my window thinking that I had been hit and found the truck driver sitting in my car. They talked for a minute and then the trucker and I were left sitting there waiting for the police to arrive.

As we were waiting he looked at me and said, “I want to thank you for stopping to help me. Nobody ever helps us truckers anymore.”

I said (as I was still shaking like a leaf), “I saw the whole thing happen. I couldn’t have left not knowing if someone was hurt, especially in this weather. I just thank God that none of us were hurt!”

His response, “People drive past us all the time after accidents without even giving it a passing thought. I appreciate you stopping.”

The police arrived about that time and the trucker got out to go see about his truck which he knew would have to be towed, especially considering the his right front tire was gone, and I sat there waiting to give the police my statement. I was pretty shaken up by that time because I had come to realize just how bad things could have been.

It was only by the grace of God that I wasn’t hit by the red car.

It was only by the grace of God that I didn’t hit anyone else.

It was only by the grace of God that nobody was hurt.

Imagine that; an accident in the pouring rain on the interstate with a semi truck and a small car during rush hour and no one got hurt. God had his hand all over that! I know without a shadow of a doubt that if God hadn't intervened in the path of the red car, I would have had a head on collision at 50 mph and it could have been very, very bad.

And as I drove off, my knees still knocking until I was able to get home and hug Jeremy and Jackson, a thought came into my head and it’s been floating around ever since;

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.
Hebrews 13:2

No, I don’t think the guy was an angel in disguise as a old trucker, but you never know. Stranger things have been known to happen. I'm just glad that I made his day somewhat brighter by stopping to help, and I've thanked God over and over for keeping me safe.

And yes, I’ve learned my lesson about talking on the cell phone and driving. Especially in the rain.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Dozen

1. How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet? I have a pair of Timberland boots in my closet that I got when I was in 7th grade way back in 1992. They still fit and I wear them occasionally if I need to go hiking for some random reason.

2. Did you buy Girl Scout cookies this year? If so, what variety? I bought 1 box of Thin Mints and they were delicious, although personally, I find that paying $3.50 for 30 cookies is a bit of a rip off. $0.11 a cookie seems a bit steep to me.

And yes, I did count how many cookies came in the package.

3. Do you know how to ballroom dance? If not, would you like to? No. And not really.

4. Were you a responsible child/teenager? Pretty much. I didn't party or get into any trouble. I did good in school (if you don't count math class). I babysat for lots of families and never once invited a boy over when I was watching the kids. I didn't sneak out. My biggest mess up was probably when I drove my Mom's car through our privacy fence when I was 14. My parents were thrilled as I'm sure you can imagine. And in all fairness, it was right before I turned 15 and my Mom was with me when it happened. My sister was totally hyperventilating but I was more concerned with the thought that I had just run over my dog.

And the dog was fine. So was my sister. And the fence. Eventually.

5. How many of this year's Oscar-nominated movies did you see? Not sure. I don't go to the movies very much, but the last movie I did go to see was New Moon. Redbox has become my $1 friend instead!

6. If you're going to have a medical procedure done, such as having blood drawn, is it easier for you to watch someone else having the procedure done or have it done yourself? I can watch all day on myself, except when it comes to having blood drawn. The quease factor gets a little high for that. Oddly enough I actually watched all of my toe surgeries being done (12 in total) and was fine with it.

7. What is your favorite day of the week and why? I love Saturday because I get to spend the day with my little man!

8. Do you miss anyone right now? Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the death of my Nanny. I miss her dearly.

9. Do hospitals make you queasy? Not really. Sometimes I even go to the hospital next door to eat lunch in their cafeteria. They make really good burgers!

10. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card. Not that you ever would, you responsible person, you. I would have to say Old Navy, Children's Place, Target or Kohl's.

11. Are you true to the brand names of products/items? Only for a select few products: Charmin Megaroll toilet paper, Dove bar soap, Heinz Ketchup, and Kraft Mayonnaise. For everything else generic will do!

12. Which is more difficult: looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when he/she is telling you how he/she feels? This is a weird question, but I would have to say looking at them when I'm telling them how I feel, because it's seems odd to me to not look at someone else when they are talking to me.

That's it for today. I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh TLC, How I Love Thee

Let me count the ways...

I'm totally hooked on TLC. Ask Jeremy. He'll tell you that I'm constantly watching something on TLC. If you ask me, it's mostly because I'm all about the learning. It is The Learning Channel after all! TLC is one of the main reasons that I couldn't ever get rid of our cable. Well, TLC, the Food Channel, Fox News and E! Anyways, from what I've observed lately about my beloved TLC is that I don't stand a chance of ever actually being on a TLC show. This is mostly because none of their shows could actually be applied to my life. For example...

I'm not in the market for a $10,000 wedding dress that might be featured on "Say Yes To The Dress" as beautiful as they might be...

I really don't need a cake made by "The Cake Boss" and I'm a tad bit creeped out by how many hands touch the cakes that they make... I don't need a "Table For 12"...

And although I love and admire the Duggar family, I would just die if I had "19 Kids and Counting"...

I'm not vertically challenged as is the case with "The Little Couple"...

And I'm not part of a vertically challenged couple trying to raise an average sized baby as in "Our Little Life"...

And I'm definitely not part of a vertically challenged couple raising 4 kids as found in "Little People...Big World"...

I'm not in the market for an "American Chopper"...

I don't have a daughter to enter into "Toddlers and Tiaras"pageant, and even if I did I wouldn't even consider it...

I don't have any "L.A. Ink" tattoos, and as a matter of fact, I'm not even tattooed at all. Yet...

And you know what? I'm okay with never having a flying chance at ever being on one of those TLC shows, as long as I never have a reason to be featured on..
Because I'm most definitely NOT pregnant. At least I don't think I am...

So until TLC decides to create a show to feature a couple that includes a blogging Mommy married to a Funeral Director Daddy that vote conservatively and are active in their Southern Baptist church, loving God and living life in the wonderful south with their son and dog and lead relatively boring and happy lives, I guess I'm out of luck!

It's really quite a shame. I think we could get good ratings, especially if Jeremy and Jackson are on board!

Finally Someone In Washington Making Sense!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Wanted: 3T Clothing

Jackson started off this winter with 4 pairs of blue jeans. He quickly outgrew one pair and just as quickly decided that he didn't like the second pair. That left him with 2 pairs of jeans, both of which I really liked. Well, apparently Jackson has a talent for falling down on his left knee because now both of the jeans have a hole in the left knee. I'm okay with Jackson wearing holey jeans sometimes, but I don't want all his jeans having holes in them! We've been on a wash and wear and wash and wear cycle with his jeans and I really hope his teacher doesn't think that we let him wear the same jeans all the time!

So I'm been on a mission to find a new pair of jeans for him.

It's been harder than one might think.

Please excuse me while I step on my soapbox to say...

Dear People Who Purchase For and Stock Department Stores,

First of all, let me thank you for the endless supply of clothing that is available for infant and toddler girls. You've done a great job stocking in that area. It's like a sea of pink, purple, and yellow, especially during the Easter season. Here's my problem: You seem to forget that approximately 50ish% of the population is of the male persuasion, which just so happens to include infants, toddlers and preschooler boys.

It's funny how boys don't just evolve into fitting into the Husky and Big and Tall sections of the department stores. I'm not sure if you realize this, but men actually start off as little boys, hence the need for little boy clothing. And frankly, I need more of a selection than the 2 clothing racks that you have hidden in the back of the toddler section behind the 25 racks of girls clothing.

Is that too much to ask?

I should not have to drive to 4 different department stores in my search for jeans for my child only to wind up leaving with 2 t-shirts (which were both very cute) and 1 pair of khaki pants. Now, had I been looking for toddler girls clothing I would have hit the jackpot. In all fairness, I did find one pair of jeans that I really liked. There were only sizes 2T and 5T on the shelf . When I finally hunted down a saleslady and got her to check the stock room she came back only to say, "What size were you needing? We have lots of size 2T and 5T!!!" My response, "Do you know that you NEVER have size 3T clothing for boys. Ever!"

Would you like to see my jeans options this weekend?

The darkest wash jeans possible, with a very boxy cut.

I think not...

Or the overly distressed look for $45.

Did you catch the part where I mention that my son has holes in his jeans and that's why I was looking for new ones? Why in the world would I pay $45 for jeans that already look worse than the ones he has? Maybe I should just let Jackson go crazy with his jeans and then list them on ebay as "distressed".

Or the embellished jeans for girls.

I thought about getting Jackson a pair of jeans with a cute butterfly applique on the hiney, but wisely decided against it.

Is a not too expensive, normal, medium wash, slightly boot cut, not too boxy, without holes in the knees, size 3T pair of jeans too much to ask?

Because Spring? It hasn't fully sprung yet. And my boy? He needs some jeans. Preferably without butterflies.



Friday, March 05, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Besides meeting my sweet nephew Luke for the first time...

which made me very, very happy...

I got this in an email from Esther of the Mommy Diaries...

And boy does she know me well!

And I got to go back to another art class last night.

And this new painting of mine, which happens to be my favorite of all that I've done, really makes me smile!

So I'm totally loving my painting, but not as much as I'm loving Luke! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

As Seen In Town

One of the roads that I take to get to my office is very congested with tons of traffic and very slow stoplights. About a week ago I was stopped at a red light watching gray hairs grow in when I looked out my drivers side window and spotted a sign outside a business that left me shaking my head as I drove off. I mentioned the sign to my friend Jamie a few days later and she just had to see it for herself. Cameras in hand, we headed toward the American Tire Lube to get a shot of the sign. Luckily for us, no one had noticed the error and taken the sign down and we were able to get a good shot.

The most ironic part: this business is located smack dab in the middle of two universities in the area! I would call them to tell them their sign is misspelled, but I'm guessing they don't have enough "D's" left to change it to "Student" ID.

I can't help but wonder how many collage discounts they have given out so far!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Who Said He Had Options?

I've told you before about some of Jackson's bedtime antics. Jackson has turned out to be the king of procrastination when it comes to falling asleep. We've been out of our normal routine for a few days now with me visiting Luke and Kellyn in the hospital, but last night I made a point to be home early so that I could spend some time with him.

I got home just as Jackson was finishing up bath time and we watched a little bit of All Dogs Go To Heaven that I found in the $5 bin at Walmart. I loved the movie as a kid and figured that Jackson would like it to. It's funny how I forgot that the movie is entirely based on violence, gambling and drinking until you are watching it with your 3 year old. It's everything you want your three year old to see!

Anyways, when the movie had finished and Jackson had brushed his teeth we took him into his room. For a second we thought he was going to go down easily, but no, Jackson decided as he was being tucked in that he wanted no part of this bedtime stuff that we were trying to do.

So he started yelling.


We headed for our bedroom on the other end of the house to try to wait him out. We figured that eventually he would give it up.

After 5 minutes he won.

Jeremy headed into his room to beg him to be quiet talk to him and Jackson came up with something that left Jeremy scratching his head about where in the world he came up with this.

Jeremy: "Jackson, son, it's time to go to bed."
Jeremy: "I'm sorry, but you have to go to bed."

It's funny, but I don't remember giving choices about bedtime!

His choice or not, he was out 5 minutes later. I was left wondering if he's really my child, because anytime I'm given the choice about sleep, I don't even have to think about it!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They're Gonna Be Trouble!

After Jeremy and I were able to get our hands on our sweet nephew yesterday...

We quickly headed to pick Jackson up from preschool since we knew he was really excited about meeting his cousin. Jackson kept saying before Luke was born that he wanted to tickle his belly and he also promised that he wouldn't drop the elbow bomb on Luke until "he's big like me!"

Jackson's thoughts on Luke when he first met him: "He's a cool baby cousin! I like him a lot!"

Jackson gave Luke a present: His first truck book!

And yes, baby Luke got tickled in the belly!

I'm thinking that these two boys are going to be big trouble!

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