Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This past Saturday Spring finally decided to make an appearance in our area. It was gorgeous and we decided to enjoy a trip to the zoo. Jackson had a blast and we really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

We saw roosters running wild...

And tigers (thankfully not running wild!)

and Jackson loved the baby elephant!

The alligator didn't so much care for Jackson!

We watched the pretty flamingos..

And Jackson showed us how he could be a flamingo!

We enjoyed the chimpanzees..

And spotted birds with silly haircuts..

And we ended the day with a ride on the train...

But my favorite exhibit of all? Watching this little monkey run wild!

4 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

FUN!! We have GOT to get to the Zoo... I miss it!

Nana said...

Great pictures!!!

Next time Nana gets to tag along!!!

limo hire said...

I remembered my school days when i went to the zoo with my friends...really FUN !!!

Kay said...

Love it! I miss those simpler days with a 'little' kid. sigh. Love seeing your pix so much! : )

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