Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Consider It A Lesson Learned

Remember when I confessed last week that I hadn't been to the grocery store in a week, and I was holding it for Saturday?

Well, Saturday came and went without a trip to Walmart due to our amazing excursion to watch the Air Show.

And Sunday came and went without a trip to Walmart because of church, Jackson's (and my) nap, Jackson's preschool choir, church again (which ran late), and dinner. By the time we got home Sunday night it was 8:30.

So yesterday Jeremy volunteered to use part of his day off to go shopping for me. Seeing as how I didn't have a list prepared for him I was really nervous, but he insisted that he would do a good job.

Let's just say that he did such a good job that he's not going to have to worry about grocery shopping for me ever again!

It all started when Jeremy called me as he walked into Walmart. He told me that he was on the pharmacy side of Walmart and he asked if we needed anything from that side of the store. I told him that I needed new eyeliner, and embarrassed as he was to be in the cosmetics section, he found my eyeliner and told me that he would call me back when he got to the other side of the store.

And then I got really busy at work and didn't realize that he hadn't called back.

I quickly remembered that I hadn't heard back from him when he called back an hour later and we had the following conversation:

Jeremy: "So I'm finished shopping.

Me: "What? You didn't call me back?"

Jeremy: "That's okay. I figured it out on my own and we are good to go!"

Me: "OMG. What did you buy?"

Jeremy: "I did really good. I even had my cell phone out and used the calculator function to add up the purchases as we went. I was good at it. My calculator said $147 and....

Me: (completely interrupting him)"Excuse me? You're calculator said how much?"

Jeremy: "$147. Why? Is that bad?"

Me: (restraining myself from coming through the phone) "Jeremy, what did you buy? I usually spend about $75 for a week's worth of groceries, maybe $100 if I have to buy toilet paper and makeup."

Jeremy: "Oh. Well, I got lots of stuff. I got apples and bananas and tomatoes and that cheesy taco rice mix you like and umm....."

Me: "Anything else? Why did you buy tomatoes?"

Jeremy: "For tomato sandwiches. But they were kinda expensive. They were $2.89 a pound."

Me: (after falling out of my chair) "And you bought them?

Jeremy: "Well, yeah."

Me: "Do you remember seeing all the stuff about how the price of tomatoes has gone up because of the cold weather?"

Jeremy: "I remember something about that."

Me: "Tomatoes are in high demand right now, and besides that, it's not even tomato season. Next time you see tomatoes at $2.89 a pound just keep walking."

Jeremy: "But I got other stuff too!"

Me: "We'll talk about this later."

After Jeremy got home and unpacked the groceries he proudly called me back to tell me that he unearthed more meals from the bags. We're now going to be eating hot dogs, cheesy taco rice, sloppy joes, breakfast for supper, and taco bake.

And the sloppy joes? We're having those without hamburger buns because they were forgotten. I guess we'll eat them with the apples and bananas and chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal creme pies; We've got plenty of that stuff!

I feel like I'm eating in a bachelor bad. All we're missing is Slim Jims, Cheese Puffs and Vienna Sausages.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much seeing as how he did keep me out of Walmart for another week! I'll give him an B+ for effort and initiative! But this Saturday, I'm back in charge, and Jeremy will once again be placed in position of chief buggy pusher!

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Aaaak! Totally made me laugh though. LOL

trishandwade said...

So funny!! I won't let my hubby Wade go shopping with me anymore because somehow I spend twice as much as when I'm alone!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Catching up on my blog reading...

I sent Dan for groceries once, and he came home with Doritos and burritos. The essentials, of course.

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