Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They're Gonna Be Trouble!

After Jeremy and I were able to get our hands on our sweet nephew yesterday...

We quickly headed to pick Jackson up from preschool since we knew he was really excited about meeting his cousin. Jackson kept saying before Luke was born that he wanted to tickle his belly and he also promised that he wouldn't drop the elbow bomb on Luke until "he's big like me!"

Jackson's thoughts on Luke when he first met him: "He's a cool baby cousin! I like him a lot!"

Jackson gave Luke a present: His first truck book!

And yes, baby Luke got tickled in the belly!

I'm thinking that these two boys are going to be big trouble!

3 random thoughts:

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Luke is so precious! And how fun, to have Jackson and Luke so close. Cousins are FUN!

AmyKnight said...

Jackson looks SOO proud!!!! I miss Jackson SOOO Much. we have got to get together soon.

Samantha said...

So very precious! Jackson is going to be a great cousin! And a great big brother one day! haha!

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